Well, it's no doubt that I'm gonna say that Kurt Schneider's channel (www.youtube.com/kurthugoschneider) is the best music channel in youtube. I've been watching all of Kurt's videos for almost a year or more now ever since I discovered his video featuring Sam Tsui, the Michael Jackson Medley (link) genius production I would say with genius arrangements by Kurt himself.

Such a shame though, because the video only has 25.9 million views so far, after more than a year being uploaded. I believe many more people should start viewing this rather than some useless crap and contribute to the view count. So, go take a look at the video and listen today :D 

The reason I say Kurt's channel is the best is because I'm a huge fan of Sam Tsui. BUT that doesn't mean he's any greater than Kurt either. I think both Kurt and Sam makes them a great duo together. Kurt is very good at song arrangements and I love Sam's attitude when he is singing. 

Take for example, the Love The Way You Lie mashup (link). You can see the many faces of Sam when he's singing which is really entertaining really. And that he really has THE attitude don't he? I mean to me, he just has the charms.

Well, another awesome video that was produced by Kurt featuring Sam and also another youtube sensation, Christian Grimmie - Just a Dream - has been receiving a lot of positive feedbacks and the views has been accelerating, currently at 24.1 million views now. 

Kurt's channel previously has about 500 thousand subscribers at the end of last year but now the number of subscribers have increased till 900 thousand making Kurt's channel one of the top in the musician category. And, I believe the Just A Dream video (link) has lured even more people to becoming Kurt & Sam's followers in their videos. 

Although Kurt works with Sam Tsui most of the time, he also have worked with other youtube users like Christina Grimmie, Alex Goot, Ahmir, Jake, J Rice and Nick Pitera. You would be familiar with these names if you're like me, always looking for good covers and originals across the internet. 

If you haven't know it yet, Kurt is also producing a movie, when it will be released I'm not sure but the fans are pretty much anticipating it. Previously, Kurt has released a few episodes of College Musical but now they're making a movie. 

Well yeah, are you excited yet?

One more thing about Kurt's channel is that you can never find Kurt singing :( I'd really want to watch a video of him singing. It'll be rather interesting. However, you can always see him playing instruments - guitar or piano or even the "drum pad". He's a really talented dude.

So, that's the overall review I can think of for the Kurt's channel. Definitely the best music youtube channel I repeat! Thing is, Kurt haven't been uploading much video this year :( No idea why. Missing in action? But let's hope he's gonna make a come back soon!