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Personalise Your Coca-Cola Can With Your Name!

Coca-Cola Malaysia has released eight special cans for the Chinese New Year campaign. Good news for all collectors. About time they do. I find that Coca-Cola Malaysia is always slow or lacking in releasing limited edition designs as compared to other countries like Thailand, Australia or even Vietnam. 
In conjunction with this campaign, they are also organising roadshows around Malaysia for consumers to personalised their coke can by adding names onto the can. About time they do, again! Elsewhere in countries like America or Australia, these campaigns have been going on for a long time.
The campaign has started about two weeks ago and not many people know about it. But of course, thanks to the power of social media, people begin sharing and news spread.

There was a roadshow going on at AEON One Utama (Bandar Utama) today and I already expected that many people will be present. But the crowd was just too overwhelming - and I think no one really expected such big turnout! The event is …

Food: Gangnam 88 Korean BBQ Restaurant, Solaris Mont Kiara (non-halal)

I've heard about Gangnam 88 for a long time now. Even my Korean acquaintances recommend this place. So, after so long of hearing people talking about this place, I finally paid a visit - in conjunction of my mum's birthday.

It's a nice cozy place with yellow lighting. enemy. Yellow lighting. Dislike yellow lighting. Oh well.

This place definitely caters to the younger crowd. Televisions were on, blasting K-Pop music videos and shows, much that my sisters could relate to. Me, not so much. Heh.

On the walls, various K-pop merchandises were displayed as props.

Dwaeji-Galbi (Savory pork ribs sauce) 
Tasty stuff! Generous portion, super flavourful.

Bulgogi (Marinated beef served in soup with glass noodles)
I recently had bulgogi at Ko Hyang (Viva Mall outlet) and it was horrible! Basically the soup was almost tasteless and full of cabbage. I needed to erase that memory. Gangnam 88's bulgogi did much justice - generous amount of beef and mushrooms. Soup was really ta…

Moto G XT1033 Lollipop (Android 5.0) FAQ, Tips and Tricks

Here's just what I've gathered after upgrading Lollipop on my device for about 1 week now.

1. Mobile Data not showing H+/H/E anymore after Lollipop update

- Apparently, H+ doesn't appear on Lollipop but you should be able to see H or E sign. If you don't something is wrong somewhere.

2. User photo not shown on notification bar

Fix: Select "Guest" and "Done". Then, revert back. The photo should appear now.

3. Missing Auto Rotate/Mobile Hotspot/Cast Screen/Invert Colours on Quick Notification

Fix: You need to select them from the settings once, and then it will appear on your quick notification automatically

4. Remove Auto Rotate/Mobile Hotspot/Cast Screen/Invert Colours from Quick Notification

Fix: Set your date of your phone about 35 day backwards. Ie. If it's 31st January 2015 now, put it on 25th December. Then, re-set the date again.

4. Exclamation mark on Wifi/Mobile Signal

- From what I've gathered, the exclamation mark means that the Wifi/Mobil…

Ban, Baju Kurung and... Buttons?

This is a follow up from my previous post.

Some people have criticised the uncle/guardian for posting the matter on Facebook, and blamed that because of his actions, this whole case has gone out of proportion because of the involvement of media. Some also pointed out that his actions has caused the student involved to face unnecessary shame and embarrassment.

I do agree that it is very unfortunate that the poor student has become the victim of the situation. I cannot imagine what she has to go through. Can the teachers and the principal see this student neutrally anymore? Will they be able to treat this fellow student without bias - and not see her as the "troublemaker" that is hurting or threatening their iron rice bowl? Does she have to transfer to another school now? I empathised and I reiterate that it is really unfortunate that she has to become the victim of the situation.

Could this whole thing go to a different, more positive direction? Yes, definitely. If the issue …

Of Baju Kurung and School

I read with interest about the viral news/headline for the day about a female student being sent home for wearing baju kurung. I read even with more interest because this happened in Cheras. The sources I read from didn't reveal the school until I stumbled upon this news article by Malay Mail Online (link). Well, of course! Why does it not surprise me that the "Cheras school" happens to be the high school that I had attended for two years?

I have blogged about this matter about baju kurung and school rules four years back, because you know I just finished school, and was full of angst and all. Anyhow, I think I'm calmer now (let's hope so). When I read this, I immediately empathised with the student because I think I understand how she is probably feeling right now. Because I probably have went through something like that but not in such a big scale. I knew it was a matter of time before things get worse and sure it did, as we see now how this issue has now gaine…

The Beginning of the End

This afternoon happened to be the first class of the semester for the year 2015. My final semester for degree, nonetheless. It feels surreal to be able to say that this is my final semester and I'm going to be a fresh graduate in about less than 5 months time. Results came out earlier than expected and I wasn't really prepared to know what I got but heck, I went and check as soon as I was informed that results were out. I didn't do badly but I didn't do great either. I was very disappointed that I didn't do better for my core subject yet again and I know that this will affect my hopes to get first class for my honours classification. In fact I was feeling so down that I went to do some mathematics and see what are the possibilities of me getting first class to which I find out that I need to get at least an A- for my thesis to have any chance at all. So, heavy burden on me now and it's really no time to joke around. Lol, I know I might sound exaggerating about …

First Look: Herringbone Papas Pocket Small (Black)

So right, back in early November 2014, I bought a Herringbone Atlantis Small bag which you can read about (here) from local distributors Storks.

I was already going to make a new post to review the bag but then something happened. The bag was already peeling by early December, barely one month of usage. I really liked the bag cause it was the right size for my usage, not too stiff and yea, I like the style.

So anyway, I emailed Storks to tell them about about the situation (bag condition and how fast the peeling happened) and wondered if there was anything that could be done. The people behinds Storks were kind enough to entertain my questions, which I was really thankful for. They acknowledged that the faux leather may have such problem because of the heat of humidity of the environment when they stored the product. They would offered me a new Atlantis bag but unfortunately they had no stock left for the Atlantis Small bag. So they offered me refund or an exchange the Atlantis for a …

Gone Girl

First post on this blog in the new year will be about Gone Girl simply because I cannot get over how much I like the movie ever since I watched it last week. Gone Girl is not entirely a popular hit among mainstream audiences in Malaysian cinemas (this is just my own assumptions) but I've seen about two or three posts made by friends on Facebook about this movie.

I've been wanting to watch Gone Girl ever since my sis showed me the trailer. I instantly knew it will be one of those movie that I will really like. What more when I found out that the director for Gone Girl is David Fincher, who also directed Zodiac. I think it's no coincidence that the Zodiac is one of my favourite movies as well so I really had high expectations of Gone Girl and was really excited for it to hit the Malaysian cinemas.

Warning: This post may contain spoilers.

Synopsis (taken from GSC Malaysia):
"Gone Girl" takes up the story of Nick and Amy Dunne's difficult marriage, which is flounder…