Here's just what I've gathered after upgrading Lollipop on my device for about 1 week now.

1. Mobile Data not showing H+/H/E anymore after Lollipop update

- Apparently, H+ doesn't appear on Lollipop but you should be able to see H or E sign. If you don't something is wrong somewhere.

2. User photo not shown on notification bar

Fix: Select "Guest" and "Done". Then, revert back. The photo should appear now.

3. Missing Auto Rotate/Mobile Hotspot/Cast Screen/Invert Colours on Quick Notification

Fix: You need to select them from the settings once, and then it will appear on your quick notification automatically

4. Remove Auto Rotate/Mobile Hotspot/Cast Screen/Invert Colours from Quick Notification

Fix: Set your date of your phone about 35 day backwards. Ie. If it's 31st January 2015 now, put it on 25th December. Then, re-set the date again.

4. Exclamation mark on Wifi/Mobile Signal

- From what I've gathered, the exclamation mark means that the Wifi/Mobile Data is not connected to Google server. I experienced this in the first few days even when I was using wifi at home, but later the exclamation mark on my Wifi just disappeared. No idea why.

5. No silent mode on Lollipop!

- Ya, it sucks. If you're expecting the "normal" silent mode, you won't be getting it on Lollipop. There's now 3 sound notification modes on Lollipop.

  1. None: No vibration, no notification sounds not even alarm.
  2. Priority: Selected notification (priority apps) and vibration mode.
  3. All: All notification and vibration mode.
6. What's the "NO" / "Star" symbol on my notification bar?!

- The "NO" symbol indicates that you are in "None" notification mode. You will get a "Star" symbol if you are in "Priority" mode.

7. LED notification not working on Lollipop!

- Another sucky feature on Lollipop. Unfortunately, it seems that we can't get LED notification when we are on "None" or "Priority" mode. Sucks to be us. Hopefully Google will fix this in the next update or something.

8. Cannot get into recovery mode!


  1. Press and hold Power and Volume (DOWN) buttons at the same time until the device logo/Android logo appears on screen.
  2. There should be a large arrow at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap Volume (DOWN) repeatedly until you see "Recovery" in the arrow.
  4. Tap Volume (UP).
  5. Hold Power button for 5 seconds and tap Volume (UP) once before releasing the power.