So right, back in early November 2014, I bought a Herringbone Atlantis Small bag which you can read about (here) from local distributors Storks.

I was already going to make a new post to review the bag but then something happened. The bag was already peeling by early December, barely one month of usage. I really liked the bag cause it was the right size for my usage, not too stiff and yea, I like the style.

So anyway, I emailed Storks to tell them about about the situation (bag condition and how fast the peeling happened) and wondered if there was anything that could be done. The people behinds Storks were kind enough to entertain my questions, which I was really thankful for. They acknowledged that the faux leather may have such problem because of the heat of humidity of the environment when they stored the product. They would offered me a new Atlantis bag but unfortunately they had no stock left for the Atlantis Small bag. So they offered me refund or an exchange the Atlantis for a new bag of the same value. They also offered me the option to top up or refund me if there was difference in price.

At last, I chose to exchange for a new bag - the Papas Pocket Small (black).

Everything went on smoothly for the exchange process. Remember I mention about the top up or refund for the price difference? I bought the Atlantis Small during sale for RM129.50 and the price of Papas Pocket Small was RM137.40 during sale. They decided that I don't need to top up for the extra.

Well, that's super cool. Excellent customer service.

Unlike the Atlantis series, Papas Pocket has magnetic buckles.

Two things I don't really fancy about the bag. 

1.Most padding has velcro but Papas Pocket does not have any velcro for the padding part. So the padding does move around, which can be annoying.

2. The bag is stiffer, so I can't really stretch it if I have extra things to put and it's a little smaller than the Atlantis Small. 

At this rate, I think I'm gonna get a new bag soon... LOL. But I have to control this GAS (Gear-Acquisition-Syndrome). So, I'm gonna have some self-control and use this bag for at least 6 months.