This afternoon happened to be the first class of the semester for the year 2015. My final semester for degree, nonetheless. It feels surreal to be able to say that this is my final semester and I'm going to be a fresh graduate in about less than 5 months time. Results came out earlier than expected and I wasn't really prepared to know what I got but heck, I went and check as soon as I was informed that results were out. I didn't do badly but I didn't do great either. I was very disappointed that I didn't do better for my core subject yet again and I know that this will affect my hopes to get first class for my honours classification. In fact I was feeling so down that I went to do some mathematics and see what are the possibilities of me getting first class to which I find out that I need to get at least an A- for my thesis to have any chance at all. So, heavy burden on me now and it's really no time to joke around. Lol, I know I might sound exaggerating about being disappointed and all because I know my results is actually pretty good but the thing is it may not be enough to achieve first class. I think I didn't realised that it will take a little more effort to get first class and it's not as easy as it looks. I've underestimated the program and overestimated myself in certain aspects. But well, I've come this far and I know I couldn't do whatever I've done without favour from God. Whatever it is in the next 5 months, one thing is for sure - I will give my best!

Anyway, after close to 3 years, there are major changes happening in the surrounding environment for the uni. My uni shifted one of its campus to a new place down the road, so naturally the place where I used to attend classes for foundation is now a deserted building that is surrounded with construction.

I still park at the same place although it's really dangerous and the condition of the parking space is really bad - potholes everywhere - but it's really the only feasible option available that is suitable for me, and I hope the parking stays there until May 2015 so I don't have to worry about parking anymore. University students in Klang Valley will know about the infamous parking here because of the flash flood and also how we (students) fight for parking but these days, the parking here is also deserted. Most of my friends have chose to park somewhere else because they are afraid of the ongoing construction.

Meanwhile, eateries near my campus are slowly undergoing changes too. One restaurant and a food court is undergoing renovation. Thankfully, the traders are still around so there's zap fan, and it's usually what I buy anyway if I didn't bring my lunch box.

Another thing is that the shuttle bus route has changed. So now I will have to take either the public bus and pay RM1 for a shorter route or wait for the shuttle bus provided by uni and expect at least 10-15 minutes more of traveling from my campus to the place I park.

So ya, a lot of things and changes going on. I hope for the better for this uni.

Looking forward to finish this semester well, with no regrets!