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Win A Honda Jazz 1.5L S with Domino’s Pizza x Mountain Dew Blue Shock!

Two Fridays ago, I had the privilege to attend the launch of Domino’s Pizza collaboration with Mountain Dew Blue Shock at Domino’s Pizza Subang Perdana outlet with a few other bloggers.

When I first got into the restaurant, I saw this striking bottle on the tables. What is it? It’s Mountain Dew Blue Shock! This is Mountain Dew’s fourth variation, after having three flavours in line namely the Mountain Dew original, Live Wire (zesty orange flavour) and Pitch Black (citrus grape flavour).

Domino’s Malaysia is collaborating with Permanis Sandilands Sdn Bhd, the manufacturer and distributor of Mountain Dew in Malaysia for a brand new campaign but more details on this later.

In all honesty, I wasn’t very fond of the blue color but anyway I still tried the new variation of Mountain Dew (it’s raspberry citrus flavour) and it’s better than what I expected (skeptic me, lol) – the drink was really refreshing.. I finished my cup and got a second serving ;)

Anyway, I won’t keep you waiting as th…

Food: Fahrenheit 600, Solaris Dutamas (Outside Publika)

Yesterday HJ and I were talking about going to a cafe to have lunch. While I was scrolling through insta, I saw a post on Fahrenheit 600 and looked up for it to find out that it's at Publika. Actually, to be accurate it's Solaris Dutamas (just outside Publika, not inside the mall, but ya).

There are more than ten dozens of cafes around Klang Valley and we're spoilt for choice so it was kinda difficult to make a decision. But the post on insta attracted my attention because... the instagrammer mentioned that he got a set lunch priced at RM18.90. And so.. I suggested this place and then.. we came here this afternoon.

Fahrenheit 600 is actually a restaurant more than a cafe because of it's extensive menu. Too many cafes here only serve limited types of drinks and desserts like cakes. The favourites at Fahrenheit 600 are the pizzas. They also have sandwiches and pasta.
There are limited choices for mains if you want to have the lunch's special. Initially I wanted to o…


Jonathan Rinzler making a funny face.
Last Wednesday, I had the chance to attend one session of talk at #KLConverge. First time in my four years at uni that we had a field trip and transport was provided! KL Converge is a three-day event that features various talks by reputable speakers and admission was free! Shame that it seems that the marketing or publicity was rather bad.. 
Oh ya, so I managed to attend a talk by Jonathan Rinzler, author of The Making of Star Wars and the Complete Making of Indiana Jones, NY Times and London Times Bestsellers, and he has written Emmy award-winning animated TV series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He gave a talk about writing for digital age. To be honest, it was not the best talk I've ever been but it was a privilege to meet these big shots from Hollywood and we could even go close up and ask them questions after the session was over. Fuh.

And then I rushed back to attend another talk.. this time by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir!
I hate it that th…

Food: A&W Lorong Sultan, Petaling Jaya

A month or two ago, there were news that the iconic A&W in Petaling Jaya along Lorong Sultan was going to be closed down. Different media reported different news - some said that it will be closed down for renovation.. some said it will be gone.. forever.

Nevertheless, I was at Amcorp Mall with my parents earlier and we decided why not pay a visit to A&W to see if it's open. A&W is really just opposite Amcorp Mall but we had to make a big turn to get to the other side (change of roads, all became one-way).

To be honest, I haven't been to this place for a very, very, very, very, very long time. Yeah, you get the idea. So forming first impressions again - this outlet is super old school! From the tiles to the whole atmosphere.. it's just very very old, it can be good or in a bad way.

Heyyyy! They have a special counter for ice cream and waffles. Unfortunately, you can't place your order here. You only get to collect your desserts here but you must place the o…