Two Fridays ago, I had the privilege to attend the launch of Domino’s Pizza collaboration with Mountain Dew Blue Shock at Domino’s Pizza Subang Perdana outlet with a few other bloggers.

When I first got into the restaurant, I saw this striking bottle on the tables. What is it? It’s Mountain Dew Blue Shock! This is Mountain Dew’s fourth variation, after having three flavours in line namely the Mountain Dew original, Live Wire (zesty orange flavour) and Pitch Black (citrus grape flavour).

Domino’s Malaysia is collaborating with Permanis Sandilands Sdn Bhd, the manufacturer and distributor of Mountain Dew in Malaysia for a brand new campaign but more details on this later.

In all honesty, I wasn’t very fond of the blue color but anyway I still tried the new variation of Mountain Dew (it’s raspberry citrus flavour) and it’s better than what I expected (skeptic me, lol) – the drink was really refreshing.. I finished my cup and got a second serving ;)

Anyway, I won’t keep you waiting as the highlight of the event was definitely this:

The all-new Honda Jazz in striking blue colour! The car is worth RM72,800, and it is up for through Domino’s Pizza’s ‘Eat, Drink and Win Contest’! The contest mechanics is really simple and they can be summed in three simple steps:

1.      Purchase of Mountain Dew Blue Shock 1.5L is required
2.      Calculate the number of Mountain Dew Blue Shock 1.5L bottles that can fit the All-New Honda Jazz
3.      Fill up the form and complete the slogan

Easy right? :D As a comper myself, I’d say that the contest mechanics is straightforward and easy to understand. You may be wondering why there is a slogan right? The organisers are predicting that many will get the answer right, so the slogan serves as a tie-breaker. 

Domino’s Pizza understands that in this day and age, not everyone eats Domino’s Pizza at their restaurant as some would take away, order online or call for delivery. So it’s the same with this contest – you can order over the physical counter at any Domino’s Pizza outlet, call for delivery or order online, and you will still be eligible to enter the contest :D 

 Linda Hassan, Senior Marketing Manager, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore

Linda Hassan was present at the launch to share with us more information about the contest and even gave us some tips! Some of the tips that she shared was to get as many bottles Mountain Dew Blue Shock 1.5L bottles as you can and try to fill up your car (if it’s a Honda Jazz, even better!) and you can probably gauge how many bottles it will take to fill up the All-New Honda Jazz. Another tip: Don’t forget to include the car boot!

Well of course, an event will not be complete without food for us Malaysians.. and so we had a pizza party! :D Yay! Oh ya, we were told that there is no such thing as a fryer in a Domino’s Pizza kitchen. Everything is oven-baked! 

Did I mention it was my first time trying their Chocolate Lava Cake? .. I love it!

Anyway, one last thing! The “Eat, Drink & Win A Car” contest runs from 8th September till 19th October 2014. So hurry up and maybe, just maybe, you are the lucky one to bring home the car! Well, as I always say.. if you never try, you never know!

The full T&C and more information about the contest can be found on J