A month or two ago, there was news that the iconic A&W in Petaling Jaya along Lorong Sultan was going to be closed down. Different media reported different news - some said that it will be closed down for renovation.. some said it would be gone.. forever.

Nevertheless, I was at Amcorp Mall with my parents earlier and we decided why not pay a visit to A&W to see if it's open. A&W is really just opposite Amcorp Mall but we had to make a big turn to get to the other side (change of roads, all became one-way).

To be honest, I haven't been to this place for a very, very, very, very, very long time. Yeah, you get the idea. So forming first impressions again - this outlet is super old school! From the tiles to the whole atmosphere... it's just very very old, it can be good or in a bad way.

Heyyyy! They have a special counter for ice cream and waffles. Unfortunately, you can't place your order here. You only get to collect your desserts here but you must place the order at the main counter. Shucks. I didn't know this and the queue at the main counter was super long then.. will come and try the desserts soon before this outlet is gone.

Hey you, I remember you!

It's sad that A&W outlets are slowly disappearing... The nearest A&W is..nowhere near. Many years ago, there was an A&W in Cheras Leisure Mall and it was the outlet that we frequented if we wanted to have A&W. And now.. there are not many A&W outlets left, really. Sad case. They should play their power card y'know? Like their root beer, coney hotdog, waffles, curly fries... 


Sad, if you upsize from regular to large, they give you a paper cup instead. Nooo! Mana cun liddat?! Frozen cups FTW. Oh yea, take a look at the chicken :< The chickens went on a diet I guess but the taste is still there. Oh ya, the fries were nasty, they were really bad.

..but not as bad as the grilled chicken burger! Pathetic -.-

.. well at least the curly fries are still good!

And of course, the unique selling point of A&W - the root beer float (with vanilla ice cream). Ugh, it's been a very long while. The last time I had A&W was in Thailand last year end, LOL. Still super good!!!

I hope A&W will reopen new outlets in Cheras soon. I'll definitely get some waffles and a root beer with float any day. I think they need to focus on what they are good at, going back to basics again. Also, rethink their branding and image. Perhaps if they go towards the old school image like what Johnny Rockets is doing it may bring them somewhere... Hmm..