Yesterday HJ and I were talking about going to a cafe to have lunch. While I was scrolling through insta, I saw a post on Fahrenheit 600 and looked up for it to find out that it's at Publika. Actually, to be accurate it's Solaris Dutamas (just outside Publika, not inside the mall, but ya).

There are more than ten dozens of cafes around Klang Valley and we're spoilt for choice so it was kinda difficult to make a decision. But the post on insta attracted my attention because... the instagrammer mentioned that he got a set lunch priced at RM18.90. And so.. I suggested this place and then.. we came here this afternoon.

Fahrenheit 600 is actually a restaurant more than a cafe because of it's extensive menu. Too many cafes here only serve limited types of drinks and desserts like cakes. The favourites at Fahrenheit 600 are the pizzas. They also have sandwiches and pasta.

There are limited choices for mains if you want to have the lunch's special. Initially I wanted to order the beef lasagna but they ran out of it. So anyway, we got a pepperoni pizza and a carbonara. As for the drinks, quite a number of choices too. Dessert is awesome, you can choose any dessert from the dessert counter.

Pepperoni pizza

Super cheesy, with the right amount of goodness. A good pizza. By the way, look at the picture below to see how cheesy it was lol.


No jelak! One tick for good carbonara. I would say that is comes with generous amount of hams and mushrooms. Delightful. Always a fan of a good plate of carbonara. 

Hot chocolate

Iced chocolate

Tiramisu - simple tiramisu, easy to eat. Not too sweet also.

Chocolate mousse - just one word: rich!

My final verdict? I'm impressed! The portion is good, the food is nice and so are the drinks. What's not to like?  Not many cafes/restaurants like this offers lunch specials. Even if they do, usually they are not very sincere cause either the menu sucks or the portion shrinks. If you're looking for a place to hangout for a few hours, this is a nice place.

Besides, time taken to serve drinks and food was really quick, didn't have to wait long. Service was ok. Nothing to complain about.

So overall, I like this place! Worthy to come especially on weekdays for the lunch specials. Even without the lunch specials, this is the place to be simply because of the extensive menu.