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A New Watermark

How's my watermark?
People around will me know that I like taking pictures. Before I got my first DSLR on 6th August 2011 (yeah, I'm good at dates, well, kinda).. I've like to take pictures using the family's compact camera. 
Back in the early days of youth, we've always had this crazy birthday celebrations and events for YPF so I'd be on my paparazzi mode. Among all the youths in church, I've got one of the widest collection of photos of everyone. Really funny ones too. 
I learnt that I really like taking candids. I think an image that was taken candid tells more story than an image that is planned and perfected. You see, that is why I love snapping away when people do not notice - you catch their natural expression. 
So, I hope that this year I'll take more photos of people around me, especially since I now carry a mirrorless camera, there's less weight so I can bring it wherever I go. 
Till then. 

Food: Sausage and Ribs Shack @ Taman Midah (non-halal)

Those of you staying in Cheras and have school-going children will probably know Taman Midah has a Tesco Extra, MyORTHO footcare specialist and a good and reputable tuition centre, Pusat Tuisyen Universal. Now, this, perhaps you did not know - there's a new eatery in Midah: Sausage and Ribs Shack, located at the same row with Pusat Tuisyen Universal. 
It was open a few months ago and I've heard how good it was. For a few Saturdays, I've went there but it's always fully booked :O BUT! Today I just went there for dinner (suddenly I'm such an efficient blogger, eh?) and was fortunate enough that there was a table that was booked but it was free for about an hour or so.. :D So we got ourselves a table. Phew. 


There's a very homey-feel to this place. Very cozy environment and it's squeaky clean. Oh yes, did I mention you'd have to leave your shoes/slippers a a shelf provided and go barefoot here? I guess that made me feel even more at home. :P


Detektif Conan? Yes, please.

So yesterday, I went to collect prize with HF from Yahoo only to find out that the office was just opposite Ikea. LOL. It was funny because we waze our way there but didn't know it was right smack opposite Ikea and it was connected to eCurve and all. 

Wholesome collection of the series in Popular @ Ikano Power Centre
I still got about RM150 BB1M voucher and I already decided that I want to spend RM50 on Detektif Conan comics. Yes, I'm a child like that :D I've read Detektif Conan since I was in primary school.
I was really, really happy because it's so difficult to find Detektif Conan comic nowadays. I used to buy them at 7-Eleven but I can't find them anymore. The Popular I usually go to has limited volumes. I was surprised to see that Popular @ IPC has the full collection from #1 up till the latest #78. 

So anyway, I got all these for myself for less than RM4. Thanks Ah Jib Gor :D

I Jumped!

For those of you who didn't know.. I've switched from a Nikon D7000 to an Olympus OM-D EM-5 for about three months now :) I was a little sad because right after I bought it (secondhand, no I don't have the money to buy new stuffs :P) the price dropped (quite tremendously) because OM-D EM-10 was out.. Darn.  
Anyhows, the weight on my shoulders have been lifted up (literally :P) because the OM-D EM-5 is extremely light and small compared to the heavy DSLR I used to have. The truth is.. I'd be lying if I say I do not miss my Nikon simply because I'm still not very used to this camera (yet) and I'm still exploring.. However, a few things that I like about the OM-D EM-5 besides the portability, includes: the look (retro, yo) and the super fast AF speed. 
But anyhows, I bought a 17mm F1.8 lens lately and it's the main lens I'm using now coz it's a super light combo.. :D I haven't got the opportunity to really use this combo on the streets, sadly. 


Life is like desserts. It's usually sweet and nice but when you have too much of it, you get jelak. LOL. Sorry I was trying to get philosophical.

How's my pictures lately btw? Haven't been playing with my not-so-new camera that much. Will blog about my experience with it sooooon. And probably and update about Moto G as well since I've been using it for awhile now.

Till then!

Dry Up

Sorry for the lack of updates. I'll be back soon with more updates and hopefully I can polish up my writing. Haven't been putting much thoughts into writing.

Tomorrow's the 8th of April which means it's been one month since MH370's disappearance. Not sure how I feel about it now.

Anyhow, I really cannot wait for semester break (that's what I always say isn't it?). Hey it's Week 13, I'm 14 days away from finals and I haven't even start my revision. Panic button is nowhere to be seen.. I still need to worry about one more production, two more assignments and presentations.

I've come to a point where I'm quite tired of studying. No, actually not really. I'm tired of routines and I'm not the only one. It's this Year 2 syndrome. I really cannot imagine myself working in next few years. It's not too far away. I don't think I will survive, lol. Kay.. it's not funny.

Back to assignments now.

Till then.