Those of you staying in Cheras and have school-going children will probably know Taman Midah has a Tesco Extra, MyORTHO footcare specialist and a good and reputable tuition centre, Pusat Tuisyen Universal. Now, this, perhaps you did not know - there's a new eatery in Midah: Sausage and Ribs Shack, located at the same row with Pusat Tuisyen Universal. 

It was open a few months ago and I've heard how good it was. For a few Saturdays, I've went there but it's always fully booked :O BUT! Today I just went there for dinner (suddenly I'm such an efficient blogger, eh?) and was fortunate enough that there was a table that was booked but it was free for about an hour or so.. :D So we got ourselves a table. Phew. 


There's a very homey-feel to this place. Very cozy environment and it's squeaky clean. Oh yes, did I mention you'd have to leave your shoes/slippers a a shelf provided and go barefoot here? I guess that made me feel even more at home. :P

Fruit-infused tea (Mango Magic), RM4. 

The fruit-infused tea are hot drinks but you can request for cold if you like. I'm glad that the tea was really chilled, not lukewarm. Thumbs up for that :D At some other restaurants, when I ask them to serve cold tea, they served me a lukewarm tea. Yuck.

Homemade sausage platter (350g mix), RM29

The assorted sausages were juicy and tasty. Eat without the sauce provided if you wish :) My sister, who's not really fond of sausages like those sausages very much. So you could tell how good they were.

Honey glazed BBQ Iberico pork ribs with mashed potatoes, RM60

Initially we wanted to get the Belgium pork ribs but today they had the Iberico pork ribs (seasonal) and recommended that. The Iberico pork ribs were really tasty with the sweet aroma of honey. The meat was really tender. For RM60, it's reasonably priced and it was good. 

Chicken and mushroom pie with salad, RM10

Hot! It took some time to wait for this pie (they already inform us the waiting time beforehand, so it's cool) but I really like this pie although I don't really find anything special about it. I like the taste and how puffy the pie was.. I'm just a sucker for pies. :P

Thin crust pizza with beef and pepperoni, RM20 

Just to give you an idea how thin the crust was. Simple and good!

New Zealand Natural ice creams at RM5 per scoop. Not too bad but we were too full to get any.

Throughout our dinner, there were a few other customers that came in and wanted to dine-in but unfortunately the place was full due to the limited space. But this just shows how good the business is as it attracted many people, myself included :P

If you'd like to patron Sausage and Ribs Shack, I highly recommend you to call and place a reservation to avoid disappointment because the place is usually full as it is usually only open during weekends.

Overall, it's a nice place with good food. :D I don't mind coming here again and grab some pie or sausage. Oh by the way, Sausage and Ribs Shack serves breakfast sets. So if you those living nearby and you find yourself really bored with the usual breakfast, perhaps a visit to this place will be a good change.