So yesterday, I went to collect prize with HF from Yahoo only to find out that the office was just opposite Ikea. LOL. It was funny because we waze our way there but didn't know it was right smack opposite Ikea and it was connected to eCurve and all. 

Wholesome collection of the series in Popular @ Ikano Power Centre

I still got about RM150 BB1M voucher and I already decided that I want to spend RM50 on Detektif Conan comics. Yes, I'm a child like that :D I've read Detektif Conan since I was in primary school.

I was really, really happy because it's so difficult to find Detektif Conan comic nowadays. I used to buy them at 7-Eleven but I can't find them anymore. The Popular I usually go to has limited volumes. I was surprised to see that Popular @ IPC has the full collection from #1 up till the latest #78. 

So anyway, I got all these for myself for less than RM4. Thanks Ah Jib Gor :D