How's my watermark?

People around will me know that I like taking pictures. Before I got my first DSLR on 6th August 2011 (yeah, I'm good at dates, well, kinda).. I've like to take pictures using the family's compact camera. 

Back in the early days of youth, we've always had this crazy birthday celebrations and events for YPF so I'd be on my paparazzi mode. Among all the youths in church, I've got one of the widest collection of photos of everyone. Really funny ones too. 

I learnt that I really like taking candids. I think an image that was taken candid tells more story than an image that is planned and perfected. You see, that is why I love snapping away when people do not notice - you catch their natural expression. 

So, I hope that this year I'll take more photos of people around me, especially since I now carry a mirrorless camera, there's less weight so I can bring it wherever I go. 


Till then.