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Flappy Week

Two weeks without an update?! Yes, I've been busy with uni. Workloads are coming in. Crazy assignments with crazy deadlines.

*woohoo, new highscore!*

Yeah, it's been a flappy week. Ups and downs, ups and downs. But glad today it ended with a bang :) Did a video presentation and I think my lecturer and tutors liked it a lot. So, yay!
Now, back to studies. Taking Social Research Methods this semester really opened my eyes.. and made me realised that research is difficult. And I hate it.

Review: Motorola Moto G (KitKat 4.4.2) 16GB Malaysia (First Impressions)

Remember I mentioned that my Samsung Galaxy SII died (here)? It kinda revived after I left it for about a month. I started using again and it works like normal, minus the lousy battery life but it was all good..until last Monday the phone lag, stuck at boot and refused to boot anymore. >:( It completely died, I think the motherboard just burnt out.
So.. I got myself a Motorola Moto G.

Bought it at RM739 (retail price). With free screen protector and a Motorola Shell (random colour) and I got myself a lime green. Yay for me. But too bad I won't be using it. It gets dirty easily.

It's slightly smaller (in width) compared to my Samsung SII but it's good. I like the size. Initially I wanted to get a Lenovo P780 (a 5" smartphone) because of the amazing battery life. My friends using the Lenovo P780 boasted of having to only charge the phone every 2-3 days, which is awesome really, for a smartphone. Unfortunately or fortunately, the model is out of stock almost everywhe…

I'm on the Billboards (in Your Uni Campus!)

A few weeks ago, my friend from Mahsa Uni told me that she found my picture on a HP advert in her campus. I was surprised the picture was submitted for a photo contest which I failed to win. Grrr.
I knew that HP was going to use the photos in its advert but the previous batch of pictures that were used were all winners. This time around, more photos were used but only a few of them were winners..which got me thinking. Why would HP want to use our picture if they didn't even let us win. Cis!
But what to do..I'm sure that in the T&C clause, they will say I've given the rights and permission for them to use my picture once I've entered the contest. #cry 
But anyway...

.. I also found the advert in my campus and took a picture with it. LOL. A few days later, another friend tagged me on FB and said that he saw the advert in his uni as well. Oh well. Wished HP had let me win something from the contest T_T but they didn't. And now the (super unglam) picture of me is …

BB1M 2014: Where Should You Use It?

*Last updated: 18th July 2014

Update (29/4/2014): Bad, bad news! According to an Education Ministry statement today, BB1M vouchers cannot be used on other items other than academic books, journals and magazines from 1st May 2014 (source: link). I will check and update if any of the vendors changed their promotion or rules! 

Update (4/5/2014): I know a lot of people are concerned whether their vouchers can be used to purchase non-academic books. Based on the information that I've gathered, the major bookstores replied my FB message saying that they will comply with the guidelines. HOWEVER, based on the feedback that I've gotten from various people, they mentioned that these bookstores do allow the purchase of fiction and non-fiction books, as long as they are books (not magazines though). Other non-book items such as stationery will no longer be allowed to be purchase with the BB1M voucher. 

Update (8/5/2014): Those of you who …

Review: Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 14 Landmark Episode - 200 #CM200

Criminal Minds hits the milestone telecast with its 200th episode yesterday :') This episode was a special one for fans and the Criminal Minds family. The previous episode ended in a cliffhanger, JJ got kidnapped! I certainly did not expect that.
I think the show writers wanted to bring out and back what fans love in the show - the characters that made the show so lovely to watch. Strauss died in Season 8 and Prentiss left in Season 7 but they made their way back in this episode. But truth to be told, Strauss' reappearance through flashback was not even significant. I love watching Prentiss' scenes with JJ, it showed a lot of depth to their on-screen friendship, so it was good. 
I also love the fact that the team was willing to put their career at risk just to find JJ. Reid and Garcia trespassing, and Hotch went all the way to Undersecretary. Wish those scenes were longer though because we only saw a glimpse of their loving relationships.
On the other hand, while there is…

CNY '14

How's Chinese New Year coming along? 
Got sore throat yet? Got fatter yet?
Fifth day of Chinese New Year almost coming to an end now..So fast :( Was back in uni today. Super fast, only had 4 days holiday. Traffic was superb though. Record-breaking to take 15 minutes to reach uni on a weekday at 9am. Although there was no traffic, there are still lame drivers around. I saw this car that took up 2 parking bays (!!!) and I almost met with an accident because this uncle decided that he want edto switch lane suddenly. He then thought that him waving up his hand is enough to compensate for my shock but I think he forgot that he almost cause an accident. -_-
By the way, it's true that as you grow older you get lesser angpows. Man.. Anyhow, wishing everyone a blessed Chinese New Year, and have fun in the next 10 days up till Chap Goh Mei. Eat eat eat!