*Last updated: 18th July 2014

Update (29/4/2014): Bad, bad news! According to an Education Ministry statement today, BB1M vouchers cannot be used on other items other than academic books, journals and magazines from 1st May 2014 (source: link). I will check and update if any of the vendors changed their promotion or rules! 

Update (4/5/2014): I know a lot of people are concerned whether their vouchers can be used to purchase non-academic books. Based on the information that I've gathered, the major bookstores replied my FB message saying that they will comply with the guidelines. HOWEVER, based on the feedback that I've gotten from various people, they mentioned that these bookstores do allow the purchase of fiction and non-fiction books, as long as they are books (not magazines though). Other non-book items such as stationery will no longer be allowed to be purchase with the BB1M voucher. 

Update (8/5/2014): Those of you who want to buy IT (harddisk/speakers/powerbanks/mouse) can use them at Pustaka Rakyat outlets (they do not follow the guideline). Do bring along your IC as they will photostat your IC, part of the deal to use the BB1M. Credits to Ubaied for this information!

I made a similar blogpost last year (here) and it looks like a lot of people found the post to be helpful so I'm going to do another post this year :D

IMPORTANT: As this post is getting longer, to make it less cluttered, I have hid the info into spoilers. For more information on the relevant bookstores/merchants, please click on the button to show more information. Thanks!

For those of you who wants to know where to purchase hard disk, please scroll down towards the end of this post. Thanks!

1. Popular Book Co: 

Source: (link)

Spend RM250 = Free RM50 gift voucher + Popular Card
Spend RM150 = Free RM10 gift voucher + Popular Card

Similar to last year, Popular is following MOE's guideline where the BB1M can be used to purchase academic books, journals and educational magazines. Only 20% of the ratio of total voucher can be used on notebooks and other stationery items.

There's not much difference with last year's promotion except that Popular is offering 200 prizes worth RM70,000 (which is RM10,000 more than last year). 

2. MPH Bookstores/MPH Click aka MPHOnline

Source: (link)

MPH has come up with a new promotion! Spend RM50 BB1M vouchers at any MPH bookstores or mphonline.com and receive this thing called "red books of offers" which contains vouchers. I reckon it's something like Worthy Book. Plus redemption of Uber Chic Totebag


4. Times Bookstores Malaysia

Source: (link)

Spend RM150 and receive 2 x RM10 gift voucher
Spend RM250 and receive 5 x RM10 gift voucher

Comment: Spend your voucher on a minimum of one book and then you can get anything else as you wish :)

5. BookXcess

Source: (link)

No promotion for BookXcess except the fact you get almost 25-75% discounts on all books. If I did not mistaken, I think if you spend RM200 worth of BB1M, you'll get the free BookXcess membership card. 

6. Putrajaya International Book Fair 2014  (ENDED)

Source: (link)

In conjunction of the Putrajaya International Book Fair 2014, you can use your BB1M vouchers there. Spend a minimum of RM150 and receive a free "red book of offers" since MPH is one of the partners that is organizing the event. So you can use the vouchers on-ground and take advantage of the promo at the event.

7. Borders Malaysia

Source: (link)

Spend RM150: Get earphone, 2-year BRC-BCard membership, BCard voucher pack worth RM1000
Spend RM250: Get pocket power bank, 2-year BRC BRC-BCard membership, Mini notebook, BCard voucher pack worth RM1000

Comment: Not sure how good are the earphone & pocket power bank but I will usually avoid this. I really dislike the Bcard voucher pack that is said to have worth of "RM1000" because it's really misleading. There are a lot of T&C that are attached to the vouchers -.-' 

IMPORTANT: Borders is no longer accepting BB1M for Radioshack items (thanks Wayne Lee for the information!)

8. PTS Media Group

Source: (link)

Spend RM150 BB1M vouchers with PTS and stand a chance to win an iPad Mini (monthly grand prize) or books worth RM50 (3 winners monthly). For more info and T&C refer here (link)

9. MYDIN (thanks Viven for the info!)

Source: (link)

Yes! OMG! You can use your BB1M at MYDIN, the hypermarket looool. You can use your BB1M to buy books, journal and stationeries. There's some terms and conditions though.

10. Champfactor

Get a 1-year subscription (worth RM5000) using RM150 of BB1M vouchers and get access to over 50 digital magazines, updated every month. Get the full list of magazines available (here)

There are also cash vouchers worth RM500 (complimentary for those who sign up). 

11. PC Image

Source: (link)


Places to purchase harddisk:
1. Monaliza Mastura @ KB Mall, Kota Bharu, Kelantan - (link)
2. The 1991 Shopz - (link) *I do not recommend this, OVERPRICED and no physical store whatsoever, everything is done online*


Frankly speaking, this year there seems to be lack of creativity in offering good promotions for students to spend on BB1M. I'm kind of disappointed. :(

Do leave a comment if you have any questions/if I missed out any promo and you would like to share with others - I'll add those info to the blogpost and credit to you =)

I'll update soon if I find out anymore promotions. Keep checking! :)