How's Chinese New Year coming along? 

Got sore throat yet?
Got fatter yet?

Fifth day of Chinese New Year almost coming to an end now..So fast :( Was back in uni today. Super fast, only had 4 days holiday. Traffic was superb though. Record-breaking to take 15 minutes to reach uni on a weekday at 9am. Although there was no traffic, there are still lame drivers around. I saw this car that took up 2 parking bays (!!!) and I almost met with an accident because this uncle decided that he want edto switch lane suddenly. He then thought that him waving up his hand is enough to compensate for my shock but I think he forgot that he almost cause an accident. -_-

By the way, it's true that as you grow older you get lesser angpows. Man.. Anyhow, wishing everyone a blessed Chinese New Year, and have fun in the next 10 days up till Chap Goh Mei. Eat eat eat!