A few weeks ago, my friend from Mahsa Uni told me that she found my picture on a HP advert in her campus. I was surprised the picture was submitted for a photo contest which I failed to win. Grrr.

I knew that HP was going to use the photos in its advert but the previous batch of pictures that were used were all winners. This time around, more photos were used but only a few of them were winners..which got me thinking. Why would HP want to use our picture if they didn't even let us win. Cis!

But what to do..I'm sure that in the T&C clause, they will say I've given the rights and permission for them to use my picture once I've entered the contest. #cry 

But anyway...

.. I also found the advert in my campus and took a picture with it. LOL. A few days later, another friend tagged me on FB and said that he saw the advert in his uni as well. Oh well. Wished HP had let me win something from the contest T_T but they didn't. And now the (super unglam) picture of me is plastered in places that I don't even know.