Of Rising Cost, Crimes and Kangkung

With the rising cost of living becoming a main concern in Malaysia and became the hot topic in the last 1 month.. Leading to Prime Minister Najib to make that statement about #kangkung..which eventually became the hit news that trended all over social media and appeared on international news like BBC.. so what lies ahead of us, Malaysians?

I find the #kangkung issue really hilarious. For one, it's how Malaysians are responding to the issue (rising cost of living, not kangkung). It's a big joke and the only comfort Malaysia can find is to throw sarcasm and laugh about it. No extensive measures yet on how the various governmental program is going to help the rakyat to cope in long-term run. Don't be ridiculous or naive to think that RM650 is great amount that will last for the whole year. Undeniably, the sum is a lot for many who needs it - I don't underestimate the value but let's be realistic.

People are suggesting various tips to cope with this. Suggestions to cut down expenditure by eating more at home, taking public transportation etc etc. To survive it's going to be easy because we're fighters. We're gonna do what we can to survive. But it's going to mean less comfort for us and it's also going to be a matter of choice if we are willing to make that sacrifice. There are a lot of considerations.

Take crime rate for example. I'm talking about robberies, house break-ins, snatch thefts and that sort. Side track a little, but I'd like to know if proper research has been done to attribute crimes to foreigners (could be stereotypical) but I think that Malaysians would have committed these crimes as much as them. Even so, I would also like to know what caused them to go against their conscience (if they have one). Is it the rising cause of living that "forced" them due to desperate? Or is it pure laziness and perhaps the human greed? Let me divert for a moment, since I'm into this :P The situation is aggravated due to the very fact that our police isn't doing very much to combat such crimes. I will not discredit the police's effort in fighting crimes such as drug trafficking, human trafficking and such. They are doing a good job in this area so credit to where is due. So why do I say so? A victim of robbery or snatch theft in Malaysia know very well that the chance of getting back their lost goods is almost zero but it is as if there are not attempts by the police to investigate and catch the criminal(s). The only reason we are making police reports is because we have to. Like paper work, it's almost meaningless. I've even came across this situation where a break-in happened and when the police came, they had the cheek to ask if the fingerprints (aka evidence) wanted to be taken or just leave it. Seriously? Isn't this part of their job? Clearly, they have no intention whatsoever to even want to investigate further. What if the fingerprints are useful in the future? If they have a suspect and using the fingerprints as evidence, they can convict that person? I don't know. Maybe I'm just too hopeful.

With the escalating crime rate, what's in for us who has the choice of whether to take the public transport or travel in the comfort of our own car? To travel on public transport would mean that most people are also going to travel on foot to walk from stations to their destinations. There are possibilities that people are going to be victims of crime especially if they have to travel alone. I've known a few friends who stopped taking public transport simply because they became victim of opportunities. The public transportation system in Malaysia is already known for its inconsistency except for the LRT and monorail (they are pretty good) so how to convince the public to take public transport?

As for me, I will consider to take public transport if : crime rate goes down. I'd like to feel safe in my own neighbourhood because I'm sick of witnessing or hearing from friends about how this house got burgled or how someone's car got smashed week in and week out.

And please, stop it with the "it's a matter of perception" thing.

At the rate things are going here in tanah airku, I finally understand why some of my fellow friends have made plans to leave the country at the immediate chance they can get. Although I detest at the idea but I truly understand. With so many ongoing issues continue to be unresolved, it is no wonder Malaysians are losing hope and it looks like the country is spiralling down. Each time I read comments when a news is shared on Facebook, I see a glimpse the ugly side of fellow Malaysians. Confusion, hatred, racism and lack of understanding from each divide.

I wonder, how long will politics continue to drag us down?

Anyway, I have remain hopeful until now... and I will continue to be hopeful. That is, after all, what I have left.

Doing Business at 10

While I was still in primary school, I already started my business venture. True story. I'm not an entrepreneur now but aspiring to be one. Heck, everyone's wanting to be an entrepreneur nowadays. I cannot be left out! #kiasu

Before I was doing mass comm, I was considering taking up a business course. But nah, ain't nobody got time for that (seems to be my favourite phrase that everyone's linking it to me nowadays). No, really. I think I have a knack for doing business but I don't feel like studying accounting and finance and management and things related to it. I'd prefer to study something funner, or at least I presumed it to be - like mass comm.

So anyway, I did mentioned I already started my business venture since I was in primary school right? It's true. When I was young and naive, my sisters and I had a hobby. Back then, almost everyone carries a file to school. And what's cool is that the file is usually transparent and we can plaster our favourite artists or cartoon or whatever on it. So, we were already reading Galaxie magazine. It was only RM3.00 for a copy. If you read Galaxie magazines, you will know that they have been famous for having posters and music lyrics. So at that time, I don't know how it happened in the first place, I find myself selling posters of Hollywood artists to my friends at the price of RM0.50 each and they were all taken from Galaxie magazine. Hah!

Another thing I used to do with my sisters was making bookmarks. We will cut cute little pictures from our magazines and make them into bookmarks. And whaddya know, sooner or later we were selling our handmade bookmarks to our friends.

We also loved colouring. We played Neopets and on Neopets, there was a site to print out colouring pages of the various fairies. We printed a quite a number of them and sold to our classmates and friends. We even offered to sell some of the pages that we coloured and some of them were willing to buy them from us.

When I was in standard 5 and 6, I was also playing Pokemon TCG (trading card game) and it was super popular at that time. I had some noob cards that I didn't want but it's difficult to sell them. So I bundled them together with some good cards and sold them in a "booster pack" that packaged myself. I know, I'm so smart. :P

Over the last 3 years, I've dealt with many kind of buyers and sellers and I've also learnt a thing or two about buy and sell.

Anyways, have you buy and sell anything in the recent years? Will you be interested to invest in a business or start a business yourself? I sure want to but I don't know what or how. :P I guess time will tell!

Thoughts on Best Picture Oscar Nominees 2014 & Movie Wishlist

The long-awaited list for the Oscar Nominees is out! I would say that a great list of movies is on that list, exciting to know how will win the prestigious movie awards.

Image source: (link)

Best Picture: "American Hustle," ''Captain Phillips," ''Dallas Buyers Club," ''Gravity," ''Her," ''Nebraska," ''Philomena," ''12 Years a Slave," ''The Wolf of Wall Street."

Quite a number of comedy-drama films eh? Truth to be told, I've never even watched a single movie that was listed because most of them were not screened in Malaysia but I'm feeling excited because I've heard how good are those movies. Sayang sekali, distributors always fail to get some good shows here especially those that are nominated for Oscar :(

Based on the hearing and reading on a lot of sites, it seems that 12 Years a Slave is favourite to win while The Wolf of Wall Street is not too far behind in polls. All movies received critical acclaim, so we'll see who has the last laugh.

I've also have been reading a lot about Oscar snubs. Looks like a lot of Americans are not too happy about the nominees or it's just that a lot of them are reproducing the same content over and over again.

As of now, I've got a number of movies I want to watch: American Hustle, August: Osage County, The Wolf of Wall Street, Captain Phillips, Inside Llewyn Davis, Her, Saving Mr. Banks, Dallas Buyers Club, Nebraska and the list goes on.. just haven't found time to watch yet.

I also can't wait to watch a lot of other blockbuster movies this year like The Hobbit 3, X-Men (!!!), Maleficent, Into the Woods just to name a few.. :3

I think it'll be fun to watch Into the Woods - musical fantasy film, I like. It's featuring lotsa big names like Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Johnny Depp, Chris Pine and also one of the up-and-coming actress that I like - Anna Kendrick. I think it will be a blockbuster success or it can completely be a blunder and failure.

Happy 21st Birthday HF :)

Aside from church friends whom I grew up with, another person that I've known for more than a decade is HF. I first met him when we were 10 years old. Oh dear.

Standard 5

Standard 6

We were in the same class for the last three years in primary school. It was the kind of fun of all sorts - playing batu seremban, Pokemon TCG, badminton etc.

Then came form 1, we were in the same school for a month although we were shuffled to different classes. After that 1 month, I transferred out and went to a different school for the next 2 years. In that 2 years, despite going to different school with different schooling time - I went to school in the morning, he went in the afternoon - we maintained our friendship many thanks to technology like the phone and MSN/Windows Live Messenger (MSN totally FTW).

Form 3

After spending two years in another school, I transferred back to Cochrane and I was in the same school with HF again. I also got into the same class as him and two other friends who was from the same primary school. Through HF, I was friends with Aki and Jo korkor.

Haha, after that we went different ways in Form 4 and 5. I went for Pure Science and he took up accounts. We're also in different uni now, although our uni share the same name and are sister colleges.

Anyhow, what I'm saying here is that even though most of the time circumstances break relationships, it didn't happen to ours. I'm glad it didn't and even got to celebrate HF's 21st birthday last weekend.

I hope that in the next 20 or 30 years, we'll still be celebrating each other's birthdays :)

Thanks for the polaroid btw :P

Five Reasons Why I Love Joining Contest

1. Side income and various perks
What's not to love when joining a contest gives you some probability to win some cool gadgets, tickets or perhaps convert them to cold hard cash?

2. Making new friends
When I started out joining contest regularly in 2011, somehow I added quite a number of people who I knew was into contest (and they accepted my request as well, lol) and made friends with them. Along the way, I got to know more about these peeps and even though I may not have met all of them in person, I've seen their FB/twitter activities long enough to know they are genuine harmless people who are willing to share knowledge and ideas :)

3. Pushing the limits
It takes extra effort to stand out and be extraordinary so that the contest organisers take notice of me. In order to convince people to give me a big tick, I have to think outside the box. A lot of times, it requires a lot of research and motivation in order to execute plans and ideas especially for photo contest. It also takes me outside of my comfort zone. Let's not list out the things I've done and will do to win a contest... :P So to all the fitness junkies out there who say things in the line that only fit people are disciplined..there are many other people who are disciplined as well but it may not be in the same area. Compers are disciplined as well because it takes discipline to come up with a plan and follow through it before the contest dateline.

4. Stay updated
A lot of times, I subscribed for updates from various brands. I also follow closely the updates from FB, websites and such while looking for contests. Some brands is really spammy so I usually will unsubscribe. It's cool to subscribe for updates because while I get to know about the latest ongoing contest, I also get to know lot of other updates such as their latest promotions. As a consumer, it's beneficial cause I know where to get what stuff when it's cheap. Teehee.

5. It's easier to accept failure
Okay, this might not be really why I love joining contest. So while I cracked my head and put in a lot of effort to come up with a contest entry that I'm satisfied with, it does not mean that I will surely win. Most of the time, I get disappointed when I feel that I put up a good entry but in the end, failed to win - whatever the reason is, the feeling's sucky. But it's okay. Sure got feel a bit unhappy and act like a sour grape lah, but in the end, still move on and promise to do better next time. :P

I think I've come to learn to accept failure more than ever by joining contest - and it's easier. Why? It's mostly just time and effort wasted but other than that, it will not affect me. Unlike failing in exam, it's gonna influence my overall results, my scholarship and even my future. I have nothing really to lose if I don't win in a contest... probably just miss out on the prize. *gulps*

Fellow compers, you agree? ;)

Top 5 Reasons Why Criminal Minds is Awesome

1. I get to see the different cultures in America
Although I know it is arguable that what we see in the media is not the representation of reality, I still believe that in every content has some element of truth. The BAU team travels to the different states in America and each state has different culture and ways of dealing with crimes. Nice to learn a thing or two about their jurisdiction as well.

2. Reid is super smart, JJ is sensitive, Garcia's a cute geek..
You get my point. The team is made up of super good characters that made the show so fun to watch because there is really some great dynamics in the team.

3. Expand general knowledge
It is through Criminal Minds, I got to know famous crime cases like Jack The Ripper, Ted Bundy, the Boston Strangler, the Zodiac Killer etc. Also, I think it's cool to learn psychological terms in this show. It's somewhat fascinating (okay, maybe not the right word..how about - intriguing?) to learn that the human mind is so complex, and to see a glimpse of how it drives people to kill or harm others. I will never understand that.

4. Opening and Ending Quotes
In every almost all episodes, there will be an opening and ending quote. The opening quote usually gives you an idea what the story will be like in the episode and the ending quote somehow wraps up the episode nicely, giving the final 'oomph'.

5. Logical
Unlike CSI, Criminal Minds' crime investigations centers around the study of human behavior. It's much more realistic in that sense and we can learn a thing or two which we can apply in real life to a certain extent. No need for super cool equipments that may not even exist (sorry, CSI fans).

*All images taken from the WWW. 

What's New For 2014

I went to Bangkok with a mission. I kinda achieve it.  I came back to tanah air with 11 pants, 3 skirts, 15 tops, 3 dresses, 2 bags, 3 random socks and a pair of shoes. There is no doubt that Bangkok is really a shopping haven. 


Before I went to Bangkok I had a list - watch, bag, shoes and a wallet. I just lost my wallet a few weeks before going to Bangkok so I thought I wanted to get a new one for myself but mehhh, didn't manage to get any. Also failed to buy a watch T_T Ever since my watch was stolen (a super nice Guess watch which I liked a lot and it was a won from a difficult contest from MSN, sentimental value level up) I didn't have a fancy watch to wear. Boo.

But overall, it was a good trip. Like I posted in my insta - the harvest is plentiful indeed. 

So I guess that's a whole new wardrobe for me. :D 

Here's to a great start to 2014.