While I was still in primary school, I already started my business venture. True story. I'm not an entrepreneur now but aspiring to be one. Heck, everyone's wanting to be an entrepreneur nowadays. I cannot be left out! #kiasu

Before I was doing mass comm, I was considering taking up a business course. But nah, ain't nobody got time for that (seems to be my favourite phrase that everyone's linking it to me nowadays). No, really. I think I have a knack for doing business but I don't feel like studying accounting and finance and management and things related to it. I'd prefer to study something funner, or at least I presumed it to be - like mass comm.

So anyway, I did mentioned I already started my business venture since I was in primary school right? It's true. When I was young and naive, my sisters and I had a hobby. Back then, almost everyone carries a file to school. And what's cool is that the file is usually transparent and we can plaster our favourite artists or cartoon or whatever on it. So, we were already reading Galaxie magazine. It was only RM3.00 for a copy. If you read Galaxie magazines, you will know that they have been famous for having posters and music lyrics. So at that time, I don't know how it happened in the first place, I find myself selling posters of Hollywood artists to my friends at the price of RM0.50 each and they were all taken from Galaxie magazine. Hah!

Another thing I used to do with my sisters was making bookmarks. We will cut cute little pictures from our magazines and make them into bookmarks. And whaddya know, sooner or later we were selling our handmade bookmarks to our friends.

We also loved colouring. We played Neopets and on Neopets, there was a site to print out colouring pages of the various fairies. We printed a quite a number of them and sold to our classmates and friends. We even offered to sell some of the pages that we coloured and some of them were willing to buy them from us.

When I was in standard 5 and 6, I was also playing Pokemon TCG (trading card game) and it was super popular at that time. I had some noob cards that I didn't want but it's difficult to sell them. So I bundled them together with some good cards and sold them in a "booster pack" that packaged myself. I know, I'm so smart. :P

Over the last 3 years, I've dealt with many kind of buyers and sellers and I've also learnt a thing or two about buy and sell.

Anyways, have you buy and sell anything in the recent years? Will you be interested to invest in a business or start a business yourself? I sure want to but I don't know what or how. :P I guess time will tell!