1. I get to see the different cultures in America
Although I know it is arguable that what we see in the media is not the representation of reality, I still believe that in every content has some element of truth. The BAU team travels to the different states in America and each state has different culture and ways of dealing with crimes. Nice to learn a thing or two about their jurisdiction as well.

2. Reid is super smart, JJ is sensitive, Garcia's a cute geek..
You get my point. The team is made up of super good characters that made the show so fun to watch because there is really some great dynamics in the team.

3. Expand general knowledge
It is through Criminal Minds, I got to know famous crime cases like Jack The Ripper, Ted Bundy, the Boston Strangler, the Zodiac Killer etc. Also, I think it's cool to learn psychological terms in this show. It's somewhat fascinating (okay, maybe not the right word..how about - intriguing?) to learn that the human mind is so complex, and to see a glimpse of how it drives people to kill or harm others. I will never understand that.

4. Opening and Ending Quotes
In every almost all episodes, there will be an opening and ending quote. The opening quote usually gives you an idea what the story will be like in the episode and the ending quote somehow wraps up the episode nicely, giving the final 'oomph'.

5. Logical
Unlike CSI, Criminal Minds' crime investigations centers around the study of human behavior. It's much more realistic in that sense and we can learn a thing or two which we can apply in real life to a certain extent. No need for super cool equipments that may not even exist (sorry, CSI fans).

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