With the rising cost of living becoming a main concern in Malaysia and became the hot topic in the last 1 month.. Leading to Prime Minister Najib to make that statement about #kangkung..which eventually became the hit news that trended all over social media and appeared on international news like BBC.. so what lies ahead of us, Malaysians?

I find the #kangkung issue really hilarious. For one, it's how Malaysians are responding to the issue (rising cost of living, not kangkung). It's a big joke and the only comfort Malaysia can find is to throw sarcasm and laugh about it. No extensive measures yet on how the various governmental program is going to help the rakyat to cope in long-term run. Don't be ridiculous or naive to think that RM650 is great amount that will last for the whole year. Undeniably, the sum is a lot for many who needs it - I don't underestimate the value but let's be realistic.

People are suggesting various tips to cope with this. Suggestions to cut down expenditure by eating more at home, taking public transportation etc etc. To survive it's going to be easy because we're fighters. We're gonna do what we can to survive. But it's going to mean less comfort for us and it's also going to be a matter of choice if we are willing to make that sacrifice. There are a lot of considerations.

Take crime rate for example. I'm talking about robberies, house break-ins, snatch thefts and that sort. Side track a little, but I'd like to know if proper research has been done to attribute crimes to foreigners (could be stereotypical) but I think that Malaysians would have committed these crimes as much as them. Even so, I would also like to know what caused them to go against their conscience (if they have one). Is it the rising cause of living that "forced" them due to desperate? Or is it pure laziness and perhaps the human greed? Let me divert for a moment, since I'm into this :P The situation is aggravated due to the very fact that our police isn't doing very much to combat such crimes. I will not discredit the police's effort in fighting crimes such as drug trafficking, human trafficking and such. They are doing a good job in this area so credit to where is due. So why do I say so? A victim of robbery or snatch theft in Malaysia know very well that the chance of getting back their lost goods is almost zero but it is as if there are not attempts by the police to investigate and catch the criminal(s). The only reason we are making police reports is because we have to. Like paper work, it's almost meaningless. I've even came across this situation where a break-in happened and when the police came, they had the cheek to ask if the fingerprints (aka evidence) wanted to be taken or just leave it. Seriously? Isn't this part of their job? Clearly, they have no intention whatsoever to even want to investigate further. What if the fingerprints are useful in the future? If they have a suspect and using the fingerprints as evidence, they can convict that person? I don't know. Maybe I'm just too hopeful.

With the escalating crime rate, what's in for us who has the choice of whether to take the public transport or travel in the comfort of our own car? To travel on public transport would mean that most people are also going to travel on foot to walk from stations to their destinations. There are possibilities that people are going to be victims of crime especially if they have to travel alone. I've known a few friends who stopped taking public transport simply because they became victim of opportunities. The public transportation system in Malaysia is already known for its inconsistency except for the LRT and monorail (they are pretty good) so how to convince the public to take public transport?

As for me, I will consider to take public transport if : crime rate goes down. I'd like to feel safe in my own neighbourhood because I'm sick of witnessing or hearing from friends about how this house got burgled or how someone's car got smashed week in and week out.

And please, stop it with the "it's a matter of perception" thing.

At the rate things are going here in tanah airku, I finally understand why some of my fellow friends have made plans to leave the country at the immediate chance they can get. Although I detest at the idea but I truly understand. With so many ongoing issues continue to be unresolved, it is no wonder Malaysians are losing hope and it looks like the country is spiralling down. Each time I read comments when a news is shared on Facebook, I see a glimpse the ugly side of fellow Malaysians. Confusion, hatred, racism and lack of understanding from each divide.

I wonder, how long will politics continue to drag us down?

Anyway, I have remain hopeful until now... and I will continue to be hopeful. That is, after all, what I have left.