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Video of the Week: Pokemon Dubstep Remix - Kurt Scheneider ft. Lindsey Stirling

Time to relive your favourite anime show's theme song... dubstep version!! :D  As always, Kurt is awesome. Lindsey too!!! Great advertising and promo for Nintendo by the way :D

Review: Criminal Minds Season 9 Premiere (Episode 1 "The Inspiration")

Two months ago, I was on a crazy Criminal Minds marathon. I rewatched and finished eight seasons in about 4-5 weeks. So, I'm very very happy when Criminal Minds Season 9 was released just a few days ago and I watched it yesterday! Before this, the show had released several teasers for fans so that they know what they can expect in this season. Read all about it here (link).. So much rewards for long-term fans in-terms of story line! So excited :P

Anyway, I have this random thought of posting a review of the new episodes every Saturday... so... let's see if I can keep this up :P

Low quality video :( Sorry, but this is the best I could find on Youtube lol.

Episode 1 Review (Spoiler ahead!)

Image source: (link)

The episode started off with JJ and Morgan in a car chase and a lorry was heading their way...and...flashback begins. In this episode, we learnt that Hotch has too much to do - paperwork AND staying active in the field. He's still deciding whether to take over as BAU'…

McDonald's Malaysia Sweet Deals Desserts Card

McDonald's Malaysia just released the Sweet Deals Desserts Card last week, which is available for purchase in all McDonald's outlets except the ones located in Genting Highlands, Langkawi and airports. The card is sold at RM10.

The card is rather flimsy, not like those proper card. Nevertheless, for RM10, you can enjoy up to 25% off on selected McDonald's dessert.

The breakdown of the discount you enjoy (all price stated is excluding tax):
Sundae Cone: RM 0.80 instead of RM 1.00
Apple Pie: RM 1.70 instead of RM 2.20
Sundae (Chocolate/Strawberry): RM 2.50 instead of RM 3.00
Oreo McFlurry: RM 2.95 instead of RM 3.95

The card comes in a sealed envelope and inside, you'll also get THREE free coupons to enjoy your favourite sundae (either Chocolate or Strawberry). Yes, I already used up one though not on the spot :P

Side track a bit let me tell you a story about the incident I encountered when I purchased this card. Sadly, when I bought this card at the Taman Connaught out…

Generation Y Music Festival 2013

UPDATE! I HAVE TWO TICKETS (ONE PAIR) OF TICKETS TO GIVEAWAY. Anyone interested please contact me via email, or leave your email in the comment box for me to contact you. THANKS!
EDIT (29 September 2013):  GREAT NEWS!!! Gen Y Music Festival organisers found really big sponsors for the event so the ticket price has been reduced to RM30 only! Quick get your tickets today : )

Generation Y Music Festival is coming! If you haven't heard it yet - Generation Y Music Festival (GYMF) is an event with intentions to donate the profit generated from the concert to charity. Beneficiaries include Penang Hospice Society, National Cancer Society Malaysia and Climb For Life.

Among the guest performers : Super awesome violinist - Dennis Lau, top-beatboxer - Shawn Lee, local bands - An Honest Mistake and Rhythm Nation and many more!

You would enjoy a great concert experience because it would be held at KL Live! KL Live was previously the event venue for international artists such as Christina Perri, …

Food: Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB), Bangsar

This post is long overdue. Went to Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB) at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar back in mid-July. It was a rainy evening..I thought it was a better ideas to have steamboat instead of burgers :P

Like a lot of gourmet burger stores nowadays, I believe that KGB is also run by college and university students from KL/PJ area. However, this is just my suspicion, not confirmed.

Upon arrival, the place was packed and seats were really limited. So, we were contemplating if we should just tapau and go somewhere else to eat. We took awhile to decide because we came all the way and brave the drizzling rain, we didn't want to tapau if we can because it kills the experience. 

So finally after giving much thought to it (like some very serious problem), we thought we'll just wait for an empty table. Meanwhile, we queued up and the line got a little more longer after us.

The menu. Sorry, a bit small but you can click and save as for a larger image and zoom.

Opening hours. As you can s…

The Noob Learns Adobe Illustrator

I'm learning how to use Adobe Illustrator this semester, which is pretty cool minus the number of things that I need to do for homework. Attempted to draw Super Mario for my first tutorial. How?

Not bad right?

Learning how to use gradient tool. I know my shadow looks super cacat. I beh tahan myself but this is the best I can do so learning typeface and assignment is to design a logo. Homaigersh. #challengeaccepted .. I need to squeeze out my creative juices for this semester. Eh I not bad wun okay.. at least I kinda drew a Mahathir portrait before :P
More updates soon, hopefully! 


Well, not literally. I was on-air for less than 1 minute. Hahaha! I won the #FLYFMGOC (as in FlyFM's Game of Clues contest) :D last week. I shamelessly recorded myself since it's my first time my voice is on-air, must perasan sikit. So you can hear how sucky my voice is when it's recorded and it's one of the reasons why I refuse to be on videos. 
Anyhows, the contest is still running ^_^ It's pretty simple. If you're an avid social media user like me, try out, who might win a minimum of RM500 :D 

Video of the Week: Coldplay - Atlas

I can already imagine how awesome this song would be as a soundtrack :3  Giler feeling.

Video of the Week: Ylvis - The Fox

Okay, I haven't heard of Ylvis until this video became quite viral ever since it was released. At first, I was thinking - not bad, this could be a song where children learn what sounds do animals make. LOL. But then I thought that overall, this video is quite inappropriate. 
Anyway, I think this song would be popular for awhile. "What does the fox say" part sounds a bit vulgar.. if you know what I mean.. Hmm, which reminds me of Psy's "Gentleman" where the lyrics go "Mother, father, gentleman".. sounds vulgar too.
Is this some recipe that the music industry is following? Sucky lyrics but catchy and vulgar. :/

#shareMYcokelah Limited Edition Boxset!

I'm sure the phrase "CHUP! Coca-Cola" is not a stranger to a lot of us. And the latest campaign slogan for Coca-Cola Malaysia is Chup! Coca-Cola refresh lah together-gether. Read about the campaign here (link)

So I just went to collect the #shareMYcokelah limited edition boxset. And gotten a letter. Teehee.

Upon opening the letter, I saw this - #lenglui. Oh thank you, Coca-Cola Malaysia.  I'm flattered. Hahaha!

Cute letter. :D 

Amazing packaging! All cans are filled with liquid.

Sorry for the reflection! #syoknya #terrernya #beb #macha #fuyoh #lenglui #bestgiler 

I'm very thankful and proud to say I'm the owner of this limited edition boxset. Only 25 sets available in the whole of Malaysia - all limited to collectors. I'm aware there's more than several dozens of 'power collectors' (as in super hardcore collectors) in Malaysia and some of them didn't even get to own this. So I'm super happy. Many thanks to the president of the Coca-Cola …