I'm sure the phrase "CHUP! Coca-Cola" is not a stranger to a lot of us. And the latest campaign slogan for Coca-Cola Malaysia is Chup! Coca-Cola refresh lah together-gether. Read about the campaign here (link)

So I just went to collect the #shareMYcokelah limited edition boxset. And gotten a letter. Teehee.

Upon opening the letter, I saw this - #lenglui. Oh thank you, Coca-Cola Malaysia. 
I'm flattered. Hahaha!

Cute letter. :D 

Amazing packaging! All cans are filled with liquid.

Sorry for the reflection! #syoknya #terrernya #beb #macha #fuyoh #lenglui #bestgiler 

I'm very thankful and proud to say I'm the owner of this limited edition boxset. Only 25 sets available in the whole of Malaysia - all limited to collectors. I'm aware there's more than several dozens of 'power collectors' (as in super hardcore collectors) in Malaysia and some of them didn't even get to own this. So I'm super happy. Many thanks to the president of the Coca-Cola Malaysia Collectors, Wong for liaising for the 24 of us! :D

Edit: I'm aware that Coca-Cola Malaysia also gave out 30 boxes to influential figures in Malaysia (bloggers and Youtubers alike or other celebs perhaps..). So that makes a total of 55 boxsets in Malaysia. Still too many :3 If you know anyone who received this but wants to sell it, lemme know! :D 

For those who wants to get these cans, the hashtag cans are already available at certain retailers though I'm not sure exactly where because I haven't seen any yet. The official launch for this campaign will only take place mid-next week but I've been told that the cans were seen as early as 17 August at the Good Vibes Festival. So hurry, get these cans before they are gone and replaced with other design. ; )