McDonald's Malaysia just released the Sweet Deals Desserts Card last week, which is available for purchase in all McDonald's outlets except the ones located in Genting Highlands, Langkawi and airports. The card is sold at RM10.

The card is rather flimsy, not like those proper card. Nevertheless, for RM10, you can enjoy up to 25% off on selected McDonald's dessert.

The breakdown of the discount you enjoy (all price stated is excluding tax):
Sundae Cone: RM 0.80 instead of RM 1.00
Apple Pie: RM 1.70 instead of RM 2.20
Sundae (Chocolate/Strawberry): RM 2.50 instead of RM 3.00
Oreo McFlurry: RM 2.95 instead of RM 3.95

The card comes in a sealed envelope and inside, you'll also get THREE free coupons to enjoy your favourite sundae (either Chocolate or Strawberry). Yes, I already used up one though not on the spot :P

Side track a bit let me tell you a story about the incident I encountered when I purchased this card. Sadly, when I bought this card at the Taman Connaught outlet, the staffs were incompetent. I repeatedly told them I want to buy a Sweet Deals card and wanted to use one of the coupons on the spot. The person taking order seemed puzzle although I kept saying to him "There are three coupons in the card right? I want to use one of them now. I want a chocolate sundae using the coupon". But the dude kept insisting that there were only TWO coupons and he said "Ok ok" although I was being charged RM 3.00 for the chocolate sundae -_-''' INCOMPETENT. So nevermind, he asked his colleague for help and the colleague was puzzled too. Oh my goodness. Then at last, the colleague understood what I was saying and she asked me to open the envelope and pass her the coupon -_- I was already frustrated at the service because I was queuing for more than 25 minutes and there were less than 5 person in front of the me. -_______-; So, I said, "Nevermind, just charge me for it, I'm sick and tired of waiting." Lol, yay me. Anyway, it took another 5-10 minutes before they started to make the ice cream for me. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻. I'm never coming back to this outlet for the next 6 months.

Well, this card is worth it although it's only valid till 31st December this year. Paying less than RM1 for Sundae Cone? Any time man...any time ;)