This post is long overdue. Went to Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB) at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar back in mid-July. It was a rainy evening..I thought it was a better ideas to have steamboat instead of burgers :P

Like a lot of gourmet burger stores nowadays, I believe that KGB is also run by college and university students from KL/PJ area. However, this is just my suspicion, not confirmed.

Upon arrival, the place was packed and seats were really limited. So, we were contemplating if we should just tapau and go somewhere else to eat. We took awhile to decide because we came all the way and brave the drizzling rain, we didn't want to tapau if we can because it kills the experience. 

So finally after giving much thought to it (like some very serious problem), we thought we'll just wait for an empty table. Meanwhile, we queued up and the line got a little more longer after us.

The menu. Sorry, a bit small but you can click and save as for a larger image and zoom.

Opening hours. As you can see, the notice is written on a A4 paper and just sticked to the wall just like that. I'm guessing the opening hours are rather irregular because it's run by students?...Schedule changes each semester? Hahahaha, I'm speculating again. I guess the best thing to do before going to KGB is to check with the owners if they are open by calling: 03-2201 1220 or post on its Facebook Page: KGB Bangsar

After a while, we did get our seats outside (thank God for the good weather). And so, began waiting for our burgers. Definitely took awhile because of the crowd and some confusion with the orders..but it finally came!

 The Bash (KGB's recommended burger) - RM18.90

Coca-Cola in bottles is just too cool.

:P Sorry can't remember all the burger's name..the problem with not blogging on time. LOL. In all honesty, I'm not a gourmet burger lover :P KGB's burgers was decent and of course, different and special. My friends said it was good though. Usually when I have gourmet burgers, it tends to get messy. Not sure if my skills improved or it's just KGB's Bash but I did not make a mess that night :P Thumbs up for non-messy burgers!!!

I guess the biggest turn-off for me is the price. I'm a student with limited budget and to pay RM20+ ++ for a meal (KGB's recommended burger cost RM18.90, plus drinks and fries would cost another RM5.50) like this is luxury that I can only afford once a while (or when I win something :P) ..

Burgers are not something that I would crave for. However for burger enthusiasts, this is definitely another place that you should mark on your burger-calendar :D