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My Happiest Moment

Have you ever wondered, what if, just what if, (touch wood) you didn't know it's gonna be your last day on Earth, and you just have a lil time more to do all the things that you wanted, what would you do? And as you reflect upon your life, what is it that make you happiest - ever?

It dawned on me that life is short and unexpected I want to do the things I like and enjoy and I've enjoyed some happy moments in my life. Of course, memories are frail and sometimes we tend to forget what we experienced. That's why photographs are really handy to remind us of our happy moments, and that's also the very reason I love photography =).

Winter and touching snow for the very first time in my life, in Korea! It was one of the happy moments of my life as it was one of the best experience in my life. I had a great time there =)

Being able to Sony TX5 with friends event courtesy of Nuffnang was also one of the happy moments in life. :] I seldom go to this kinda events to meet peopl…

Digi Pitbull – I Like

Ever since I got my DSLR back in August, I've been practicing a lot, trying to learn new stuffs and what not. :] Haven't got much chance to shoot outdoor photography though. Will be waiting for that chance. And looks like the chance is coming..

YES! Pitbull is coming to Malaysia this December! Surf Beach at Sunway Lagoon! Outdoor photography it is :D Woohoo. And the best part? Digi is giving out an official photographer pass to the concert! ZOMG. That is like the best ever thing that happens if I got it!

And WHY should Digi give me the pass? Simply cause I love photography and I believe passion is the thing that matters. Capturing the best moments in life is my passion :)

I also have a Nikon D5100 in hand, though it might not be the best equipment around but I can make do with what I have :) Here's some of the shots from Nikon D5100 :)

Brian Joo and Alexander in 3rd Wave, not too long ago :)
The union between two couples, wedding :)
Children - a joy to life
Family and celebrat…


Hey! October hasn't been very kind to me from the start. Just finish midterms this week and I finished my research paper within this two days. Felt very relieved. But I still have one more research to go. With two presentation. Ah. =/ Gonna be tough tough tough. Really really sorry for the lack of updates lately. I mean, especially this month :(

Anyway, just gonna share a few pictures that I snapped for the past few weeks :)

Taken at 200mm, 800 ISO, 1/800, f/5.6, no flash :)

Taken at 200mm, 140 ISO, 1/125, f/8, no flash.

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy SII aka SGS2

Remember this? :) Yes, to those who don't know yet. It's no longer a surprise anymore. Yes! It's a Samsung Galaxy SII inside :D And how I got it? :P

Yahoo! It's real it's real. When I got the news, was a bit skeptical. Is it true? Is it me? :) Yes it is. Can't tell you how happy I was, especially I didn't expected this to come in my way :) All the more, I didn't thought of changing my phone even though my phone was having a serious dead pixels problem but I managed to endure using it for 9 months. Lols. :D

Inside the DHL box. Taadaaa! :) First look. Was so excited when opening it. There's a lot those plastics of bubbles also. Very nice to pop pop pop. Hohoho.


First impression when I held it. SO THIN AND LIGHT. AND HUGE. :/ But now I'm used to it already :D Finding ipod touch and other phones so small now ._. 

Samsung Apps book. And a manual book, which I don't find useful at all :(


:D SGS2. Life changing device? Lol. N…

Befrienders - Social Good 2.0

Prior to my previous blog post, I mentioned a little about the Befrienders. You probably have heard of them over the radio but the radio might have been too fast, and you might not catch the message behind what was aired. So, actually, as I said in the last blogpost, there's a campaign about Befrienders on (link) and you guys should totally S&S (spread and share) it.

Befrienders is an NGO that offers service 24/7 to whoever that needs them regardless of your status in life. No financial help offered but they offer a greater help - emotionally support. I mean, at a certain point of time in life, everyone would be down, not our choice though. And if you didn't know, everyone actually goes through depression in their life, just depending on what stage of depression. O: I also went depressed without me realizing. I think with the existence of Befrienders, it's just appropriate and relevant because there's this group of people who are always there, always ready …

SAYS.MY and Social Good 2.0 - What is it really all about?

Warning: This is may be a long post, but if you wanna learn more and also be part of something cool, you gotta read on :)

If you haven't know it yet, I'm part of an online community called since June last year. It was previously called Youthsays before this (because it was open only for youths) but the site was revamped and now it is open for all. All as in : nenek, datuk, abang, kakak, ibu, ayah, adik all can join XD

(taken from blissful walls)
There still changes here and there over time, for the better of course. To join it's really simple, all you gotta do is just go to and login and sign up as user using your Facebook account :)

But wait! What's this fuss about anyway? How does it benefit YOU, and me :P (humans being human, we're always asking this question right?) First, you gotta know that this site rewards you. Even at the homepage, their web title goes - Get Rewarded for Sharing.

(taken from
Share what you may ask? F…

Updates #14 - Did I Just

Abandon my blog? Did I just abandon my blog? NO WAY. Actually kinda. Been busy with college ever since semester started. I'm not that busy busy. But always have something occupying my time. And now with two research paper, presentations and midterms coming up, I can't afford to slack already can I? October and November is like the peak of all peaks. College and life likewise. Going off to two places next month. Exciting indeed.

Something nice came and something not-so-nice happened. Still kinda sad about it. But what can I do? Anyways, I have a lot of pictures to share. To even blog about. Come to think of it, I haven't make a proper post about Korea, have I? And it's been almost ONE YEAR. Hurhur. I'm so gonna be a pro procrastinator in blogging. O: sigh. Will blog, when I feel like it and when I have time. Teehee. :)