Warning: This is may be a long post, but if you wanna learn more and also be part of something cool, you gotta read on :)

If you haven't know it yet, I'm part of an online community called SAYS.my since June last year. It was previously called Youthsays before this (because it was open only for youths) but the site was revamped and now it is open for all. All as in : nenek, datuk, abang, kakak, ibu, ayah, adik all can join XD

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There still changes here and there over time, for the better of course. To join it's really simple, all you gotta do is just go to SAYS.my and login and sign up as user using your Facebook account :)

But wait! What's this fuss about SAYS.my anyway? How does it benefit YOU, and me :P (humans being human, we're always asking this question right?) First, you gotta know that this site rewards you. Even at the homepage, their web title goes - SAYS.my: Get Rewarded for Sharing.

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Share what you may ask? From time to time, there are campaigns available for you to share with your friends, several platform using social media: your best friend that you cannot resist - Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot, Wordpress, Tumblr and anywhere else as long as you don't violate the Do(s) and Don't(s).

This leads to another question. What is a campaign? A campaign usually contains a message, so when you are sharing a campaign, you are actually sharing a message.

Let me equate to you.

When you share a sponsored campaign = Rewarded in cash
When you share a Social Good 2.0 campaign = Sharing about NGOs and causes, Rewarded in CP (contribution points)

Social Good 2.0
Talking about Social Good 2.0 campaign, right now, SAYS.my is currently rewarding those who shares Social Good 2.0 campaigns as a support for social causes and NGOs in Malaysia. Take for example, there is a campaign to promote about Befrienders. I didn't know much about Befrienders actually but I get to know more about them after sharing this campaign. Befrienders are people who cares and listen to those who are in need, regardless of status or whatever. I have known many friends who are depressed and they won't open up to me. Perhaps by just sharing this campaign with them, they would feel better eventually as they can resort to the Befrienders. It's just relevant isn't it?

(taken from says.my)

How many people know the importance of voting? Or even about breast cancer? What about those who are autistic? And what about wildlife and animals? There are campaigns available to be shared and to spread awareness. We do know how powerful is social media, especially FACEBOOK right? :P And what's cool now is that when you share these Social Good 2.0 campaigns, SAYS.my will be rewarding you with a chance to win prizes - Samsung Galaxy S2 to adventures, game sets, vouchers and more! There are still many prizes to be won, it's not too late to join now =)

SAYS.my is really cool and fun! But what I find annoying is people do not read FAQs especially about the cashing-out process and they bombard the site with many hate-comments which can stir up hate feelings. Seriously, just take 5 minutes off and read about the FAQs here (link). It will save you from a lot of embarrassment and trouble.

Another question I always get: You talk so much about SAYS.my, you got get anything from them meh?
LOTS! I can't wait to share all of them with you :) I can personally testify of the various opportunities that I have as a teen. I have already cashed out twice over the course of one year. And the sum is really hugeeee. Am gonna cash out for the third time soon :P

Not only do I get rewarded in terms of cash, I also got to experience something I never thought I would do. Riverboarding! Oh gosh, I never thought I would ever go for an extreme sport. But I did. All thanks to SAYS.my. You can read all about it here (link).

I also won tickets for Arthur's Day not too long ago. And even movie tickets. So, there, no BS here okay.

So, after all those reading, are you tempted now to be a part of this community? Just head on to SAYS.my and login with your Facebook account. As simple as that. Anymore questions or doubts, just drop a comment at my chatbox or even this blogpost, I would reply :)

Be sure to check out their Facebook page too! (link) Maybe you would wanna like their page because the page is active and there's always announcement and interesting things that they share. And follow their twitter account too! (link) They usually also run giveaways there, don't say I didn't tell you :P