Remember this? :) Yes, to those who don't know yet. It's no longer a surprise anymore. Yes! It's a Samsung Galaxy SII inside :D And how I got it? :P

Yahoo! It's real it's real. When I got the news, was a bit skeptical. Is it true? Is it me? :) Yes it is. Can't tell you how happy I was, especially I didn't expected this to come in my way :) All the more, I didn't thought of changing my phone even though my phone was having a serious dead pixels problem but I managed to endure using it for 9 months. Lols. :D

Inside the DHL box. Taadaaa! :) First look. Was so excited when opening it. There's a lot those plastics of bubbles also. Very nice to pop pop pop. Hohoho.


First impression when I held it. SO THIN AND LIGHT. AND HUGE. :/ But now I'm used to it already :D Finding ipod touch and other phones so small now ._. 

Samsung Apps book. And a manual book, which I don't find useful at all :(


:D SGS2. Life changing device? Lol. Not yet. But feels nice to have one :) Very timely indeed. I will share why in the next post or so. 

That's all for the unboxing. If I have the time, maybe I'll post up some thoughts about it. See ya!