Prior to my previous blog post, I mentioned a little about the Befrienders. You probably have heard of them over the radio but the radio might have been too fast, and you might not catch the message behind what was aired. So, actually, as I said in the last blogpost, there's a campaign about Befrienders on (link) and you guys should totally S&S (spread and share) it.

Befrienders is an NGO that offers service 24/7 to whoever that needs them regardless of your status in life. No financial help offered but they offer a greater help - emotionally support. I mean, at a certain point of time in life, everyone would be down, not our choice though. And if you didn't know, everyone actually goes through depression in their life, just depending on what stage of depression. O: I also went depressed without me realizing. I think with the existence of Befrienders, it's just appropriate and relevant because there's this group of people who are always there, always ready to give their ears to you.

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There are many issues in life that is taboo in Malaysia. The issues that gives you "THE STARE" when you talk about it. Especially in our culture, BGR is a big no-no for a teen and parents don't really talk to children about it. That's just one of the examples of the many issues that we face in life. We may be faced with dilemma, and friends are not the best people to go to. Perhaps by talking with the Befrienders, we are able to just let out our emotions rather than storing up negative emotions that can lead to many bad effects. x_x

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OR, if you are a shy person. You don't wanna talk, you can choose to email or even snail mail Befrienders actually. That's what I would prefer to do. I don't really like talking over the phone. I'm shy. :( No, I'm serious o_o

What's even better is that you can remain as Mr/Ms Anonymous. You can vent out whatever you feel, your thoughts or whatever your opinion is, and no one would judge you. I tell you, that feeling of speaking and knowing that no one judge you is just super awesome!

And their service is also FOC. No money involved. And I also believe that Befrienders actually offer professional service for those in need. Whatever that is shared will be private and confidential, guaranteed.

Please, fear not in approaching Befrienders. I know we Malaysians have this concept that approaching services like this means that we are problematic. We're not problematic, we just need someone to listen to us. And therefore, if you ever need someone at anytime at all, Befrienders are always available.

Ever had a friend who is always depressed and suicidal? Always comparing himself/herself with others and always posts/say emo stuffs? If a name appeared on your mind, I suggest that you share about Befrienders via Social Good 2.0 to that person. It is dangerous for a person to have suicidal thoughts. I believe we all know of the consequences of such negativity. He/she needs help, help from professionals and they can remain anonymous about it.

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Whatever emotional support that you need, Befrienders are there to offer you that kind of support. And this is why people should know about Befrienders! Then, we would have less people who are depressed. The knowing that you are being heard makes a lot of difference. Wouldn't you feel great if whatever you say is taken into consideration by others? :)

So, show your support today! Be a good friend to others by sharing about Befrienders to them via Social Good 2.0 ! It is important that you share this with others, word of mouth counts right? :) And this is about people power! The more you share, the more people would know and be aware about this NGO, so that they can help whoever that needs them :) You can learn more about Befrienders here (link)

Head on to the Befrienders - Social Good 2.0 campaign nowwww ! (click here)

I shall end this blogpost with a quote :)