Helloooooo. Been awhile since I updated here. Went back to Muar few days ago and back home again now. It's merdeka today, but I'm not feeling very "patriotic". No spirit of merdeka somehow. But I still appreciate being in Malaysia.Owh, results was out last Friday. Quite happy with my results, 2HD1D1C. I got a credit for Intermediate English.. wow. Of all subjects, I never thought I would get C for IE. Hmm. Nevermind, I gotta work harder for A. English and stop confusing myself with grammar... Never liked grammar O:

College is starting on Monday. Super fast. O_O 6 weeks of holiday is coming to an end. Feeling nervous again somehow. Wonder who are my classmates, and lecturers. Uh, hope it's gonna be good because everyone's freaking out because everyone says sem2 is the toughest. o_O!

Bazaar Ramadhan Bandar Tun Razak LRT Station

Every year, I will wait for this time of the year where the puasa month is here and I will visit the same old bazaar Ramadhan in Bandar Tun Razak near the LRT station. It's not a very long and packed one but good enough to get the food that I like :P

So, it's an annual practice for my family to go and get our favourites and this time I went with my new toy! Practically just having some test shots :( It sucks. I took a few pictures with flash and some pictures was out of focus :/ Sorry la, still trying. Give me some time to be better =p

Oh ya, I decided not to watermark my pictures anymore because I'm practically duplicating them and it's eating up space :( So, hopefully no one takes any pictures for harmful uses. *perasan

While most of the stores have customers, this mak cik here doesn't. Feel a bit sad for her :/ But I didn't help to contribute to her business also. O: Sorry mak cik!

Yikez, picked the wrong mode. 

Okayyy. No more random pictures from the bazaar Ramadhan. Meh. Not really satisfied with the shots. Somehow, after viewing them on the computer, the pictures seem to lack...sharpness somehow? O_O And also the colours are not really appealing. Mmppfffttt.. Gotta work on this more.

Last one XD. Random picture. I think the flash was on. -____________-'' Argh. You probably would have known what are some of the favourites that we always buy.. just bear with me. Food time!

Ayam percik. Basically, this is like the ayam being satayed. LOL. I don't know how to say it. But that's the idea. Ini peha, tau? It's a must have at least twice for our few visits to the bazaar. The sauce's good too. We always buy from the same store. Nom nom nom.

Roti jala! Please eat this with curry. This year, the uncle whom we buy from regularly is missing :( Don't know why but he's not found to be selling roti jala. We tried another store, and the other only store that sells roti jala but it wasn't very nice. So, no no. Pak cik, come backkkkkkkkk.

Roti john! It's practically egg with meat with berlambak sauce. This is nice, though judging from the picture it looks like a plain boring bread with nothing -.-'' There are like about 4 stores selling roti john (tried all of them) but only this one that appeals to me. No chilli sauce just mayo. Went back twice, wanting to buy from that uncle but he...went and sell coconut and drinks instead T_T Naper, pak cik, naper?? Saya suka roti john tu :(

Roti with kebab with BBQ sauce. Ate this twice for this bulan puasa. I don't mind breads, thus... Not very very very suka jer, boleh tahan. 

CEMPEDAK. CEMPEDAK GORENG. I tell you, one of the best things this year available in the bazaar. XD. Previously, I don't remember any store selling cempedak. This is just great! :D Been craving to eat cempedak for months. One thing about cempedak is, when the Malays sell them, it's cheaper and somehow tend to be nicer and sweeter. When Chinese sells them, it's super expensive -_- and you don't wanna buy either and rather goreng yourself. XD Sedap seh! Went and buy cempedak goreng everytime we went to the bazaar. Hohoho.

Okay, no more food picture...which means I'm missing one of the best things also..........TEPUNG PELITA. NUUUUUUUUUUUU. I forgot to take picture :( And oh, this is like the last week to feast on all of these stuffs before waiting another year, AGAIN. Sad... Well, hope to go somewhere this week. But I'm having flu and sorethroat. Meh. Gotta cut on all these heaty food. Pfft.

Album of the Month

Aloha! Been wanting to update blog and upload pictures but never managed to do that because computer's always lagging and I don't have extra mouse to use it on the laptop. Laptop's keys are also very problematic. So.... let's just upload one picture today. Just a short update.

Yay. So I won this CD from Rock Corner, last month. 6CDs with different instrumentals, best suited with wine and candlelight dinner? XD Went and collect it from their outlet in Gardens. Then, they wanted to take a video.. which you can watch here (link). Well, tell me how is it because until now I didn't watch it. I know/think I sound and look ridiculous T.T Sad to say, I never sounded nice on any video. Sad case :( 

Okay, so I hope to update blog again soon because I have so much to share with you all :D On the other hand, college is starting soon. Zomg. And also, results out on Friday. Anticipating. I hope I did well. :P Till then, cyas! :]

For me, nothing is more encouraging than to see another brother or sister testifying of their new-found passion in Christ. It's a joy to see how much a person can grow in such a short time. From the way they talk, from they way they think, definitely from the way they act. The question still lingers in my mind: Believer or disciple? One can be a Christian for such a long time, yet heart and life still unchanged? Why? Simply because they refuse to be a disciple. I will remember what I learnt in BK, discipleship is costly. Discipleship requires two parties, one who is willing to be disciple and another to disciple. Why is the church lacking in disciples? Could it be that there is no willing disciple? Or could it be there is no one to disciple them? A question to think of.

Last year's trip to Korea was indeed one of the most amazing experience in my life. One of the happiest moments in life. Thank God for a good tour, and also a good tour guide. Our tour guide was a Christian of 4 years, but he spoke to us and testify among us (there were non-believers too) as if he has been a Christian for his lifetime. I was really deeply encouraged by him.

Then comes, a sister who has been showing her deep passion about the things that is in her heart. Deeply encouraged. Who would have thought that the person who shunned away at first would became part of this big family? And my heart breaks for those who refuse to listen, or just merely rejecting Christ's love for them. Christian? Yes. But lack of belief. Just like anyone else, we have a choice. We have a choice whether to accept Christ in our lives. We have a choice to change and be part of a greater purpose in life. We have the choice whether to believe that we are indeed good enough for God, we are made righteous in Christ aren't we? And even if we are not good enough, God still loves us nevertheless. How good is ever good enough? Just like how much money is ever enough? Never. The world tells us we are never good enough. There will be always someone who is better than us. Someone who will have more than us materially. Are we going to give up on ourselves because we doubt it? Because we want instant results. But yet we know that nothing comes easy don't we? We only know how to adapt to negative values of the world. We don't know how to use the positive ones. It's hard to set apart from the world because we've stepped too deeply into it. And definitely, we need someone to pull us out. But do we want to stretch forth our hands and admit, yes, I need help? I need help and I need and want to be out of this. Or are we going to sink in deeper and continue to let our own emotions drown us down simply because we refuse due to our pride? Pride, my friend is the root cause of many conflicts and problems. Not because we are not good enough. Simply because we refuse to be better when we can be. The choice is ours. Make up your mind.

AMBP: Music CD Giveaway: Best of the Best 2011 Contest

Universal Music is the usual sponsor for AMBP giveaways and this time around, AMBP is giving out two CDs to 10 people! :]

And if you haven't know, Universal Music is having this campaign called "Best of Best 2011" where you can have Single-Discs CDs at RM29.99 and Double-Discs CDs at RM39.99. So go check out because it's only valid until 31st August!


AMBP is giving out two CDs if I win and my choice is none other than Tokio Hotel - Best Of and Carpenters - 40/40.


Tokio Hotel - Best of.
For my personal tagline for Tokio Hotel, it would be :

The first of the many Best Of you can find.

Carpenters - 40/40.
For Carpenters, it would be:

40/40: 40 years, 40 songs, 40 full marks with the Carpenters.

Hope to win! :]


So this is the story. After I went for dinner in Renaissance, after cutting cake, I went up to change and was preparing to go online. I was in college since morning till evening. Then came back went straight for dinner after awhile. Did I mention I also had my English oral presentation on my birthday? O: And I didn't do very well and was kinda sad. Nuuu, I suck at English nowadays. I gotta improve :( Brush up public speaking T.T Brush up, must be more spontaneous. And must pick the right topic. Darn. Okay, back to story.

So I changed already. Hit the button to start the laptop upstairs. Heard the house bell ringing but didn't bother. Then my sisters ask me come down see something about BERSIH. LOL. 2 days after Bersih mah. So anyway, came down. And voila. Hoong Fong, Akijay and Vivian was standing at my door holding a cake.

First word I said was "ewwwwwwwwwww" HAHAHAHA. /slaps self. In times like this, very paiseh one loh. O: So, I didn't know what to say. *shy shy Anyway, thank youuuuuuuuuu for coming over and thank you for the cake ;] Really feel very appreciated hahaha =) <3

Thank you so much! :) BTW, anyone saw my YELLOW pants? -___________-'' Home clothes. And I purposely changed back my blouse LOOOOL. Underdressed -__-''

Hurhurhur. Stole all these picture from : Akijay's blog (link). 
Go visit her blog man. She's super artistic :P


Also! Want to thank you for all those who wished me especially via sms and remembers my birthday! :D And also thank you Iyee for the cake ;'] 


On a sidenote, I've renewed with money O: So, stick around for another year :]

Transformers Book and Graphic Novel and Updates

Okay, initially I wanted to blog about something else. But let's just move on to what I want to blog now :P After 3 weeks of waiting, finally the Transformers book I won was delivered to my house last week. Yay! I like winning and getting the stuffs couriered. Won it the book from Facebook competition somewhere in July. Haven't wrapped the book yet and haven't started reading. Should probably do that soon.

On the other hand, I have achieved what I wanted for the past 2 years! :D If you haven't know, I've gotten my very first DSLR :) Nikon D5100, so I guess I would be using that to shoot pictures from now. It's has been my dream to own one and finally got my hands on one on the 6th August 2011 :D (told you I have something with dates). I've been saving for the past 2 years, especially last year with my earnings with several online communities, selling stuffs, etc. Managed to saved enough and mum brought me to buy it after much persuasion XD. Mum paid on my behalf, I haven't asked her about the money yet since it's in the bank, maybe I'll ask her later when she's home.

So yes, been shooting around and learning how to use a dslr. Very different from compact. Although I can actually use point-and-shoot using DSLR but that defeats the purpose right? O: And liveview also eats up battery. Tsktsk. Before buying, I did some survey and learnt a lot of photography jargon mainly from Wesley. So now, I roughly know some photography jargon like aperture, shutter speed, bokeh etc. Never knew all these until these year. What the crap right? O:

By the way, anyone noticed the watermark I made? Kinda lame :( Anyone got suggestion what fonts or what watermark should I make? O; I don't really like to use "photography" but don't know what else to use. XD!

Okie dokes, drop by more often. I've transferred a couple of pictures so I will probably be very hardworking and update again soon! :D

Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur Buffet Dinner

Last month, was my birthday. Wakakaka. So yeah, Groupon was actually having promotion 50% discount for buffet at Renaissance. So, went there anyhows to celebrate my birthday and also my sister's, just 3 days apart if you didn't know. Heh. There were many other people who went there too, and I found out, most of them were using the Groupon voucher too. 

Not much picture. Just food picture infact. :O Oh, on a random thought, I skipped my extra math class btw for this dinner :3 The only time I skipped math class infact, coz replacement was from 5.30pm-7.00pm =_______=' Can't make it. Okay! Picture time :P Not in order. 

Ice-cream. This was disappointing. They only have TWO flavours and the icecream booth was like hidden in the middle together with all the other desserts. :/ The icecream section was really small(can't even call it a section actually) and disappointing. Usually, I'll go a few rounds of ice-creams but for this, I went just once! Even with the choc chips and chocolate topping above, the icecream still sucks. :/ Bad bad bad!

Prawns! Cold prawns geeez.

Fat blobs of salmon sashimi (favouriteee!). Some other kind of sushis. Really, that's not much choice of sushi around O: Even for the octopus, I had to go a few times to get the plate. And the octopus tastes weirdddd. Oh, they have handrolls too, that's a plus. But no sauce -_- I meant, mayo. That's a minus for them.

Steamed prawns with ginger, random sushi behind and a piece of crab. Cold crab too. Meh, don't really fancy eating cold crabs or prawns o_o 

Clockwise : Beef (I forgot what exactly it is, but tastes not bad :P), LAMBBBBB!, prawns (again xD), grilled salmon

Cake pudding. Is it? I forgot. Didn't like the taste. :P

I had other stuffs including random things like pisang goreng lol. Some cakes, not very into it, tastes ordinary :P Beef. Overcooked, or at least it's overly tough to be eaten for me. Man, I don't know what's wrong with Renaissance. It wasn't the kind of buffet I was expecting from them :/ Nevertheless, no complains. 

Probably it was the price O: Perhaps the changed the menu or something because of the Groupon deal. The last time I went here was more than 5 years ago, can't remember what exactly I ate but I vividly remembered they had cheese baked muscles. It tastes soooooo good, that's why I only remember that XD.

After that, went home to cut cake :P

Yes, mum made crepe cake. x) See the layers. Hohoho.

 Okay, that's about it. Stay tune for next update :)

Father's Day Competition

This was also way back in June. I entered a competition on facebook again. I think it's my second time entering a "like" contest. And also my last one. I have promised myself NEVER EVER enter another "like" contest ever again. Reason being? I don't have as much friends and my skin is not thick enough :(

Anyway, the competition actually started off as a "like" competition. Meaning, the comment with most likes will win the contest. It's actually pretty at first, with little competition, afterall it was meant for students, or so I assume. The prize was also good, in my opinion. RM200 McDonalds vouchers and also TEN tickets to Bukit Gambang for 25 winners!

And yes, I liked my own comment. Lol! I know how people say liking your own statuses/comments are like high-5-ing yourself. Hehe, but this is an exceptional case. Ahem. Anyways, I didn't gathered the 252 likes myself. At most, probably only a 100 was from me. I really have to thank all my fellow friends who also ask their friends to help me like my comment O: And a hugeeeeee thank you to those who followed through my instructions and liked my comment above. *big hugssss* XD

But you know what, even with these 252 likes it's not enough. O: I thought me and my friends were in a comfortable position having that kind of number of likes, but to my horror on the morning that competition was supposed to end, I found out there were about 15 more people racing up, gaining 1 likes every time I refresh the page. -_- It's scary. In the end, those peeps got 300 over likes in A DAY, while I slowly gathered mine in 2 weeks -_-'' Meh. Talk about circle of influence.

I was at the losing streak, and so was my friends and I gave up. But miracles DO happen you know. O: At that day in the evening, I was so sad because I had put on a thick face to ask so many people to like my comment but end up losing in a day T_T =.='' But but but, suddenly the organizers changed the terms and conditions and the most touching/creative comment will win! Wahahaha, I was laughing in my heart because I MIGHT just stand a chance to win.

It was funny, because those people who gathered around more than 200 likes just deleted their comments like that, because the organizers only judge based on one comment, and they wrote another one to be more touching/creative. They deleted the comment with 200 likes?! No way man, if me, I die also don't wanna delete.

So, anyway, I think one week later or something, I received a call from Hoong Fong, he told me I won. Omg, leaping in joy :D

Yeap, so I won. RM200 McDonalds vouchers and 10 Bukit Gambang tix! Which I'm going to use soon, I guess? Yeah, for those who don't know yet, Bukit Gambang is kinda new water park in Kuantan. Yesh, so far away :( I wish and hope I can make it in time to use 'em tix.

So, the fun part of entering a competition is always the anticipation of knowing who won what. The not-so-fun part of winning a competition is the part where you have to travel far away to collect your prize. But, the organizers were kind enough to courier them prizes to winners. So, Imma happy soul. 


X-Men: First Class Poster and T-shirt

This was way back in June, where I entered a facebook competition via Asus and won myself X-men merchandise and 2 movie passes. Funny thing is, I didn't know I won until I received their email. They announced the winners earlier before they sent out the email so I missed it. And this is one of those rare occasions where I won something through "lucky draws". Seldom I won through such competition mechanism O: 

Anyway, mum helped me to collect them again :D thankssssss!

X-Men tee, not very big. Girls can wear. Anyone wants? Unisex tee :) Printed and distributed by Warner Bros themselves! Not worn yet :D

X-Men: First Class poster. Very good quality poster :) I saw a website selling this at USD39.90 o_o anyone interested? I'm willing to sell off cheaper to collectors or anyone interest :]

If anyone wants the tee (not worn yet still inside package) or even the poster, please contact me. Find my email through the sidebar at the right there. Thanks!


Green Lantern Premiums 2#

Remember I won the Green Lantern Premiums from cinemaonline here (link)? :)

Mum helped me collect it from them last month. Thanks! :D

The ring :P Anyone wants to buy? True fans :P

If interested, please do find me at my email from the sidebar :)