Aloha! Been wanting to update blog and upload pictures but never managed to do that because computer's always lagging and I don't have extra mouse to use it on the laptop. Laptop's keys are also very problematic. So.... let's just upload one picture today. Just a short update.

Yay. So I won this CD from Rock Corner, last month. 6CDs with different instrumentals, best suited with wine and candlelight dinner? XD Went and collect it from their outlet in Gardens. Then, they wanted to take a video.. which you can watch here (link). Well, tell me how is it because until now I didn't watch it. I know/think I sound and look ridiculous T.T Sad to say, I never sounded nice on any video. Sad case :( 

Okay, so I hope to update blog again soon because I have so much to share with you all :D On the other hand, college is starting soon. Zomg. And also, results out on Friday. Anticipating. I hope I did well. :P Till then, cyas! :]