Helloooooo. Been awhile since I updated here. Went back to Muar few days ago and back home again now. It's merdeka today, but I'm not feeling very "patriotic". No spirit of merdeka somehow. But I still appreciate being in Malaysia.Owh, results was out last Friday. Quite happy with my results, 2HD1D1C. I got a credit for Intermediate English.. wow. Of all subjects, I never thought I would get C for IE. Hmm. Nevermind, I gotta work harder for A. English and stop confusing myself with grammar... Never liked grammar O:

College is starting on Monday. Super fast. O_O 6 weeks of holiday is coming to an end. Feeling nervous again somehow. Wonder who are my classmates, and lecturers. Uh, hope it's gonna be good because everyone's freaking out because everyone says sem2 is the toughest. o_O!