This was also way back in June. I entered a competition on facebook again. I think it's my second time entering a "like" contest. And also my last one. I have promised myself NEVER EVER enter another "like" contest ever again. Reason being? I don't have as much friends and my skin is not thick enough :(

Anyway, the competition actually started off as a "like" competition. Meaning, the comment with the most likes will win the contest. It's actually pretty at first, with little competition, after all, it was meant for students, or so I assume. The prize was also good, in my opinion. RM200 Mcdonald's vouchers and also TEN tickets to Bukit Gambang for 25 winners!

And yes, I liked my own comment. Lol! I know how people say liking your own statuses/comments is like high-5-ing yourself. Hehe, but this is an exceptional case. Ahem. Anyway, I didn't gather the 252 likes myself. At most, probably only a 100 was from me. I really have to thank all my fellow friends who also asked their friends to help me like my comment O: And a hugeeeeee thank you to those who followed through my instructions and liked my comment above. *big hugssss* XD

But you know what, even with these 252 likes it's not enough. O: I thought me and my friends were in a comfortable position having that kind of number of likes, but to my horror on the morning that competition was supposed to end, I found out there were about 15 more people racing up, gaining 1 likes every time I refresh the page. -_- It's scary. In the end, those peeps got 300 likes in A DAY, while I slowly gathered mine in 2 weeks -_-'' Meh. Talk about the circle of influence.

I was on a losing streak, and so my friends and I gave up. But miracles DO happen you know. O: At that day in the evening, I was so sad because I had put on a thick face to ask so many people to like my comment but ended up losing in a day T_T =.='' But but but, suddenly the organizers changed the terms and conditions and the most touching/creative comment will win! I was laughing in my heart because I MIGHT just stand a chance to win. Maybe.

It was funny, because those people who gathered around more than 200 likes just deleted their comments like that, because the organizers only judge based on one comment, and they wrote another one to be more touching/creative. They deleted the comment with 200 likes?! No way man, if me, I die also don't wanna delete.

So, anyway, I think one week later or something, I received a call from Hoong Fong, and he told me I won. Omg, leaping in joy :D

Yeap, so I won. RM200 McDonald's vouchers and 10 Bukit Gambang tix! Which I'm going to use soon, I guess? Yeah, for those who don't know yet, Bukit Gambang is kinda a new water park in Kuantan. Yesh, so far away :( I wish and hope I can make it in time to use 'em tix.

So, the fun part of entering a competition is always the anticipation of knowing who won what. The not-so-fun part of winning a competition is the part where you have to travel far away to collect your prize. But, the organizers were kind enough to courier them prizes to winners. So, Imma happy soul.