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A Year Of Milestones

This year:

... Malaysia has been experiencing terrible haze, probably one of the worst in history.
... the government implemented GST.
... MYR is losing its battles.
... Malaysians are paying more for tolls thanks to the recent toll hike.
... the spike in the number of dengue cases in Malaysia is the highest in history.
... we saw rabies cases giving us a scare.
... we saw a typhoid outbreak.

Okay the list of bad news can go on and on, but really chances are things are going to get a lot worse as we near the end...

But personally, this year has been a significant year for myself. As we're nearing the end of the year, I took some time to reflect back on what happened in the last 12 months. Some highlights I can remember while I'm typing this down:

1. University life is over. So while I was bumming around and doing internship (post-uni), some of my friends were still attending classes and I felt a little left out in the WhatsApp chats. Hah. 4 years just flew by and though there&…

Review: Cow Sense for Young People by Lydia Teh

I buy dozens of books every year but I'm guilty because I probably only read half of them most of the time. Although I love reading, I've never written a book review. So here's my first attempt, and this is for Lydia Teh's latest book, 'Cow Sense for Young People'.

Image source:
'Cow Sense for Young People' is the author's 9th book, a compilation of articles first published in The Sun. The book is structured in a series of frequently asked questions (FAQ) format. 

Frankly, I personally feel that humor is always a hit and miss thing but one thing's for sure, Lydia Teh is one witty writer. The book is perfect for light reading, and the style of writing (plus the usage of Manglish) makes this book not just relatable but also enjoyable and easy to read. Though it is difficult for me to say that it's the kind of book that I will pack inside a bag and bring with for an adventure, I do see myself picking up the book and re-reading it ove…

Food: BWB Flaming On Table, Desa Sri Hartamas

If you fancy watching someone cook in front of you, perhaps you'll be intrigued with how BWB Flaming On Table (formerly known as BWB Yakitori) serves its signature dishes.

For the signature flaming series dishes, be prepared to whip out your camera and spam your shutter to take the nicest picture as the staff 'set your dish on fire'. Be quick as this will only last for seconds. Then, smirk at your beautiful picture you've captured and post on Instagram or Facebook. Anyway, that's exactly what I did:

There's a few dish available for the flaming series, here's some of it:

1. Ocean On Fire - Ocean trout, scallop and prawn

2. Angry bird - chicken drumstick

3. Oink-oink on burning - Sakura pork rib

As you can see, the flaming series dishes looks really nice. Besides the great food presentation, they also taste really good. Also I have to mention this: all their poached eggs are on point!
Aside from the signature dishes, BWB F.O.T. has a wide range of dishes fro…