I buy dozens of books every year but I'm guilty because I probably only read half of them most of the time. Although I love reading, I've never written a book review. So here's my first attempt, and this is for Lydia Teh's latest book, 'Cow Sense for Young People'.

Image source: MPHOnline.com

'Cow Sense for Young People' is the author's 9th book, a compilation of articles first published in The Sun. The book is structured in a series of frequently asked questions (FAQ) format. 

Frankly, I personally feel that humor is always a hit and miss thing but one thing's for sure, Lydia Teh is one witty writer. The book is perfect for light reading, and the style of writing (plus the usage of Manglish) makes this book not just relatable but also enjoyable and easy to read. Though it is difficult for me to say that it's the kind of book that I will pack inside a bag and bring with for an adventure, I do see myself picking up the book and re-reading it over and over again for leisure.

On surface, people may quickly dismiss it as a book under the 'Funny' genre, but really it's a self-development book that offers nuggets of wisdom and plenty useful advice for youngsters. I can foresee that some may not completely agree with the author on certain points, but I believe they are great food for thought.

On another note, I am pleased to find lots of reference to pop icons such as Adele, Simon Cowell and even Youtube personality, Ryan Higa. These names should resonate with the ordinary youth and young adult. 

Perhaps I'm nitpicking but I think it's crucial to mention the following since the book is targeted at young people (though it's also obvious that adults may also enjoy this book). There's a reference in the book to Finding Nemo's Dory but the name was referenced as 'Dora'. So yes, the popular fish is Dory, not Dora (The Explorer). I do think that young people would have spotted this mistake since Finding Nemo is extremely popular - one of the highest grossing animated film of all time and is the best selling DVD of all time. And personal pet peeve, Nicol David was spelled as Nicole David.

Favourite line from the book: Once you’ve decided that happiness is a choice, it is easier to align your attitude to make happiness a reality.

In essence, 'Cow Sense for Young People' appears to be a book of answers to questions that I may not have even thought about before, and it's a great read. There's nothing really controversial except perhaps (it's arguable) that the author often offers a conventional worldview of things which the modern youth may cease to agree. 

Finally, sit back and relax as you read on as Lydia Teh is going to give you an entertaining look at the world of young people who wonders about the practicalities of life.