If you fancy watching someone cook in front of you, perhaps you'll be intrigued by how BWB Flaming On Table (formerly known as BWB Yakitori) serves its signature dishes.

For the signature flaming series dishes, be prepared to whip out your camera and spam your shutter to take the nicest picture as the staff 'set your dish on fire'. Be quick as this will only last for seconds. Then, smirk at the beautiful picture you've captured and post on Instagram or Facebook. Anyway, that's exactly what I did:

There are a few dishes available for the flaming series, here's some of them:

1. Ocean On Fire - Ocean trout, scallop and prawn

2. Angry bird - chicken drumstick

3. Oink-oink on burning - Sakura pork rib

As you can see, the flaming series dishes look really nice. Besides the great food presentation, they also taste really good. Also, I have to mention this: all their poached eggs are on point!

Aside from the signature dishes, BWB F.O.T. has a wide range of dishes from wagyu beef all the way to the humble traditional spaghetti.

Fragyu - pan fried wagyu top with foie gras. The wagyu is not of the best cut but it's still good - after all it's a wagyu beef meat we are talking about!

Salmon Carpaccio - raw ocean trout served with carpaccio sauce and salad. I really love this. Salmon was really fresh and the carpaccio sauce complements the salmon.

Truffle butter toast - mini french toast served with truffle butter and caviar topping. One of the favourite dishes from the night. Simple and perfect combination.

More food:

Cup noodles - pan-fried bacon chips, dry chilli, aglio, and thyme. It was alright for me. A little dry for my liking.

Grilled squid.

Salted shrimp - fried shrimp with assorted chilli spices. Most people were commenting that it was a little too salty for them.

Seafood pasta - prawn, mussel, trout, and scallops served with tomato sauce and herbs. Can't go wrong with this.

Chicken bun chicken pulled with cucumber, cabbage, onion ring. Nothing too spectacular about this.

Beef Macaroni - home cook beef brisket served with egg and green peas. Love the beef brisket, they were tender.

Chicken drumstick from Angry Bird (Flaming On Table flaming dish series).

Petai Toast - toast served with sambal petai and egg. I personally feel that the sambal petai is actually underwhelming so I'm guessing those who don't take petai may actually consider having this.

Bolognese Toast - toast served with minced pork and egg. Again, this is one of those dishes that isn't there to impress but my, look at that egg!

Piggy Burger - sakura mince meat, oat, onion served with sunny bun. Felt that the patty was just OK - bordering a little too dry for my liking.

Even more food (I didn't manage to try the food from this point onwards):

Piccante Mussels - mussels in spicy tomato sauce.

Ebi Niniku (shrimp), Bacon Cheese Asparagus, and Sazae Niniku (escargot).

Calamari salsa  - fried baby baby calamari with salsa sauce.

Sizzling seafood - prawn, salmon, squid, oyster and mussel with sizzling spicy sauce.

Secco Seppia - grill marinated sun fried pulled cuttlefish.

Yellow Bomb - lobster salad with caviar cucumber and mango.

Traditional Spaghetti - tomato, minced pork, carrot, onion and herb.

Beef roll- slice beef wrapped with golden mushrooms.

Clockwise from top: seasalt, truffle bacon, matcha green tea, passion fruit, and XO cherry (middle). Fancy flavours. Although I didn't get to try them, everyone who did was praising how good the ice creams were and I could tell that all of them wanted more.

So, there. BWB F.O.T. really has an extensive menu boasting about 100 different dishes (at the point of visit) so everyone can find something they love to eat here. As this was a tasting event, I didn't get to try all the food in this post (as mentioned).

Also, I forgot to take a picture (oh no!) but I need to mention this: BWB served lemongrass drinks and I absolutely loved it and it was such a refreshing drink.

Based on my personal observation, the restaurant was understaffed and the kitchen area was quite slow in dishing out orders. However, for a pub-restaurant, I was really impressed with the wide selection of food on the menu.

Price-wise, keeping in mind that the location is in Desa Sri Hartamas (popularly known as a more 'atas' area) I feel divided about the value as some dishes are reasonably priced while others are slightly more than what I would pay for. That being said, BWB does offer a brunch menu which offers some real deal.

As usual, parking could be a problem at Desa Sri Hartamas but there's an open-air parking area right outside BWB F.O.T. but of course, it comes with a (high) price. Even on a weekend, the parking area was relatively empty, so I figure many of us don't really want to pay but for convenience, and rather than going around finding a spot, the money you pay may be just worth it.

Food: 6/10 (Try the signature flaming series dishes)
Service: 5/10
Value: 6/10
Atmosphere: 5/10 (Place is quite noisy but it's quite normal for a pub setting)

BWB Flaming On Table
8, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
FB: BWB Flaming On Table