How to Style Stiletto Heels with Class

I'm always a fan of comfy sneakers. In fact, I'd pick sneakers over heels any day if I can. But there are some days where stiletto heels are needed. Stiletto heels have that perfect element that can boost any woman’s confidence in a mere of seconds of wearing them on. 

Some women like myself do not prefer wearing the sky high heels on a day out but wearing them once in a while can definitely perk up outfit and character. In fact, women can create their own personal style and match their favourite stiletto heels with any clothing. 

There are 3 ways a woman can pull off their stiletto heels, looking amazing and fabulous without ever feeling out of date.

The first look attempt, and probably my favourite style, will be to wear those stiletto high heels with a casual outfit. Pair stiletto heels with a smart casual outfit such as blouse and pants for a complete, simple yet fancy look. Ultimate comfort and style. 

The next style look that women can wear their stiletto heels is with a dress/blouse+skirt. This is the perfect combo for the feminine sophisticated look  perfect for dinner parties, date or even for work. Opt for a body-con dress and heels at work for that professional look or wear the heels with a cute A-line dress to achieve an elegant appearance.

In Malaysia, you can be sure to find denim shorts in most peoples' closets because of the weather here. So, ladies can also switch their sneakers and flats with a pair of heels to match with their denim shorts. Dress up the casual denim shorts with a nice pair of stiletto heels for a girlish appearance. The best thing in pairing a pair of high heels with denim shorts is that you are allowed to be creative in picking the shoe colour. The stiletto high heels is definitely an easy but effective match with simple casual clothes like denim shorts.

So, anyone fancy putting on stiletto heels yet? 

Rocky Road

My mum recently came back from her company + personal trip and brought back some real goodies. Among them: Marks & Spencer Rocky Road Mini Bites.

Jo's idea of indulgence, put the rocky road with ice cream: 

Good eh?

Last quarter of my second last semester! Now is the period of time where the real stress kicks in. Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Besides that, nothing much really. Bought and sold some of my camera gears, I really need to stop because it's getting out of hand. But hey, look at the picture above? That bokeh. Justified?

Anyway, I don't have much to share for now. Maybe I'll talk about the new additions in my Coke collection in the next post. ;)

Till then.

Shell Fuel Save 2014 - WIN RM100 STARBUCKS CARD WEEKLY!

Well, if you know me it's not everyday that I will blog about recent happenings in school but this post is one of them. You see, every year my department competes in this inter-uni competition named "Shell Fuel Save" since 2011. This year is no different. The team from my uni is really working hard to reclaim the victory this year so I'll give my support too.  

Here's one of the videos they shot to promote this campaign:

Anyway, main highlight is you just need to SNAP, TAG and PLEDGE to win a RM100 worth of Starbucks card, Jawbone speakers or even a CAR - yes, a Mazda2 Skyactiv is the grand prize.

Step 1: Snap a photo & write a caption for your #shellpledge
Step 2: Include your hashtag #shellpledge & #helpuni :P
Step 3: Upload your picture on insta! What, you tell me you got no insta?! Get one lah! Or.. you can just upload here:

That's all! Better yet, if you are a HELP student, you stand a chance to win RM100 hard cold cash from the team!

Don't wait already lah. Go win the cash :D 

DSPTCH Heavy Camera Sling Strap (Grey)

Since the beginning of the year, I've been wanting to get a strap for my Olympus camera ever since I switched system. When I sold my Nikon D7000, I forgot to kept my Matin neoprene strap. So in the past 10 months, I was on a quest to get a suitable strap. 

Anyway, I wanted to find a sling strap and shortlisted a few candidates:
1) Artisan & Artist Easy Slider E25R
2) BlackRapid Metro Strap
3) BlackRapit The SHOT
4) DSPTCH Sling Strap
4) Carry Speed M-Sling

Price wise, it differs from one brand to another but none of straps I listed is actually below RM100. Why the heck are camera accessories so expensive? I was contemplating Carry Speed's strap because I found a few stores carrying it at a rather good price but at last I didn't get it cause it was still new in the market and I don't know how durable it is. I trust reviews too much.

So finally, a few weeks ago, I settled for DSPTCH.

DSPTCH is based in San Francisco and in the last 10 months I kept searching but failed to find anyone in Malaysia selling this strap. Finally, not too long ago, I saw Major Drop posted that it carries DSPTCH stuffs. Lo and behold - they also carried quite a number of camera straps from DSPTCH. That was it. I figure it's time and I saved up some money.

Kena poison sudah.

I got myself the grey color although I wanted the black initially but it was out of stock at that time I ordered. Pfft.. Anyhow I thought the grey go really well with the silver OM-D EM-5 body. I really love the strap! Durable and I like the material. It's rather comfortable but I have yet to carry the camera for long hours so we shall see. I also like the fact that it's super convenient when I want to disconnect the strap.

Verdict: I love it! Can't wait to really utilise it to the maximum.

Now, for the paracord wrist strap... :P

Edit: Someone asked me where I got the DSPTCH strap although I mentioned I got it from Major Drop. Heh. Perhaps it wasn't clear, my apologies. Anyway if you would like to get a DSPTCH, go ahead and and get it from Major Drop (here)