Since the beginning of the year, I've been wanting to get a strap for my Olympus camera ever since I switched system. When I sold my Nikon D7000, I forgot to kept my Matin neoprene strap. So in the past 10 months, I was on a quest to get a suitable strap. 

Anyway, I wanted to find a sling strap and shortlisted a few candidates:
1) Artisan & Artist Easy Slider E25R
2) BlackRapid Metro Strap
3) BlackRapit The SHOT
4) DSPTCH Sling Strap
4) Carry Speed M-Sling

Price wise, it differs from one brand to another but none of straps I listed is actually below RM100. Why the heck are camera accessories so expensive? I was contemplating Carry Speed's strap because I found a few stores carrying it at a rather good price but at last I didn't get it cause it was still new in the market and I don't know how durable it is. I trust reviews too much.

So finally, a few weeks ago, I settled for DSPTCH.

DSPTCH is based in San Francisco and in the last 10 months I kept searching but failed to find anyone in Malaysia selling this strap. Finally, not too long ago, I saw Major Drop posted that it carries DSPTCH stuff. Lo and behold - they also carried quite a number of camera straps from DSPTCH. That was it. I figured it was time and I saved up some money.

Kena poison sudah.

I got myself the grey color although I wanted the black initially but it was out of stock at the time I ordered. Pfft.. Anyhow I thought the grey went really well with the silver OM-D EM-5 body. I really love the strap! Durable and I like the material. It's rather comfortable but I have yet to carry the camera for long hours so we shall see. I also like the fact that it's super convenient when I want to disconnect the strap.

Verdict: I love it! Can't wait to really utilize it to the maximum.

Now, for the paracord wrist strap... :P

Edit: Someone asked me where I got the DSPTCH strap although I mentioned I got it from Major Drop. Heh. Perhaps it wasn't clear, my apologies. Anyway, if you would like to get a DSPTCH, go ahead and get it from Major Drop (here)