Well, if you know me it's not everyday that I will blog about recent happenings in school but this post is one of them. You see, every year my department competes in this inter-uni competition named "Shell Fuel Save" since 2011. This year is no different. The team from my uni is really working hard to reclaim the victory this year so I'll give my support too.  

Here's one of the videos they shot to promote this campaign:

Anyway, main highlight is you just need to SNAP, TAG and PLEDGE to win a RM100 worth of Starbucks card, Jawbone speakers or even a CAR - yes, a Mazda2 Skyactiv is the grand prize.

Step 1: Snap a photo & write a caption for your #shellpledge
Step 2: Include your hashtag #shellpledge & #helpuni :P
Step 3: Upload your picture on insta! What, you tell me you got no insta?! Get one lah! Or.. you can just upload here: http://www.shell.com.my/products-services/on-the-road/promotions/shell-fuelsave-college-competition.html

That's all! Better yet, if you are a HELP student, you stand a chance to win RM100 hard cold cash from the team!

Don't wait already lah. Go win the cash :D