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Alcatel Onetouch Idol X+, Idol Alpha Arrive in Malaysia

I was pleasantly surprised that I was invited to the media launch for the Alcatel Onetouch Idol X+ and Alcatel Onetouch Idol Alpha that was held last Friday. The press conference was held at Federal Hotel before we proceed to the launching ceremony at Low Yat Plaza Concourse area.
Some insights from the press conference:  - the 32GB version for Idol X+ is possibly coming in the next quarter - Alcatel is working on LTE products, however no timeline given - Alcatel has partnered with JBL to tweak the equaliser so that the JBL headset that is bundled with Idol X+ will work perfectly together - Alcatel aims to sell 50,000 units for both Idol X+ and Idol Alpha

Alcatel brand ambassadors with the representatives of Ten Ten Telecommunications Sdn Bhd and TCT Mobile Malaysia Sdn Bhd at the launching ceremony

The specs for Idol X+ is pretty impressive. A dual-SIM Android smartphone with Octa Core 2 GHz processor with 2GB RAM is pretty good considering that people labels the Idol X+ as a "m…


Big Breakfast at Feeka.
:( Disappointing for me. It was oily, took super long to come (it was crowded and there were under staff) and overpriced for the quality.
It's the peak of the semester as usual. With assignments all piling up, it's hard to find time to do the things I love. Anyhow, the last one month has been rather exciting. Although this year has been rather boring competition wise. Never won anything but of course I've joined less too.. oh well. I guess this is the life cycle of contest.
Anyway, I hope I will be back soon in the next month! Finals is coming in exactly one month and I'll have a short break after that. Hope I'll be product then. Also, you can expect a post about Alcatel's newly launched phone in this blog in the next week or so. 
Till then!

Food: Shunka Japanese & Fusion Food, Publika, Solaris Dutamas (non-halal)

A few days ago, I was invited to Shunka Japanese & Fusion Food at Publika, Solaris Dutamas to try some of their food. So I went together with my sister and here's a review of some of the things I tried that day. But before I jump to the review, here are some things that I noticed about the restaurant:

Besides the conventional seating (tables and chairs), there's also a few tables for you to get in the Japanese feel with this kind of seating. Cushions are provided for your comfort. Pretty clean. 

Press for service, I like. (Y)

Quite a good selection of Sake.

This really caught my attention. RM15.90 set lunch is really a steal for a place like Publika. All set is served with green tea and two sides. Pretty good value for a whole meal.

Kimchi - RM4.90
This kimchi was tasty. It's not very spicy for a kimchi and it's not on the sour end either. I have friends who like kimchi but dislike it when it's sour so I think they will prefer this.

Garikku Cyahan (Garlic Fried Ri…

Review: MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles

What's so great about this curry noodles you may ask? #legend. There was a lot of hype surrounding this new instant noodle. We have people searching for it high and low.. And each time someone found this champion, be sure to see a post on Insta/FB/Twitter about it. Of course, that someone includes myself :P

No, the prawns did not come with the noodles. My mum told me to add some prawns to it. Yum. LOL.
The sup/curry is super 'kao'. Red hot colour but honestly I don't find it as spicy compared to others. (Disclaimer: I'm not even really a spicy eater - cause I'd choose ketchup over chilli - so you get what I mean :P). I also find the mee to be "thicker" (thus chewier and nicer) than most instant noodles nowadays but of course nothing beats ramyeon. I like it, it's different. But I also have friends say they prefer the legendary Maggi instant noodles.

Also, MyKuali Penang is not cheap. 1 bag with 4 packs was sold at RM6.90 in Muar. I've seen el…