What's so great about this curry noodles you may ask? #legend. There was a lot of hype surrounding this new instant noodle. We have people searching for it high and low.. And each time someone found this champion, be sure to see a post on Insta/FB/Twitter about it. Of course, that someone includes myself :P

No, the prawns did not come with the noodles. My mum told me to add some prawns to it. Yum. LOL.

The sup/curry is super 'kao'. Red hot colour but honestly I don't find it as spicy compared to others. (Disclaimer: I'm not even really a spicy eater - cause I'd choose ketchup over chilli - so you get what I mean :P). I also find the mee to be "thicker" (thus chewier and nicer) than most instant noodles nowadays but of course nothing beats ramyeon. I like it, it's different. But I also have friends say they prefer the legendary Maggi instant noodles.

Also, MyKuali Penang is not cheap. 1 bag with 4 packs was sold at RM6.90 in Muar. I've seen elsewhere selling as high as RM8 - RM10. I suspect the price is jacked up by retailers. Suddenly this instant noodle is becoming a premium!

Where can you get the "limited stock" of MyKuali Penang White Curry Noodles, you ask? I believe you can get it from most major supermarkets/hypermarkets such as Giant, Tesco and even Cold Storage. I've also seen people saying that they've seen mini marts selling it. So.. go get one and try if you haven't already. :)