A few days ago, I was invited to Shunka Japanese & Fusion Food at Publika, Solaris Dutamas to try some of their food. So I went together with my sister and here's a review of some of the things I tried that day. But before I jump to the review, here are some things that I noticed about the restaurant:

Besides the conventional seating (tables and chairs), there's also a few tables for you to get in the Japanese feel with this kind of seating. Cushions are provided for your comfort. Pretty clean. 

Press for service, I like. (Y)

Quite a good selection of Sake.

This really caught my attention. RM15.90 set lunch is really a steal for a place like Publika. All set is served with green tea and two sides. Pretty good value for a whole meal.

Kimchi - RM4.90

This kimchi was tasty. It's not very spicy for a kimchi and it's not on the sour end either. I have friends who like kimchi but dislike it when it's sour so I think they will prefer this.

Garikku Cyahan (Garlic Fried Rice) - RM8.90

This was quite ordinary. The garlic fried rice was not too oily (I really can't stand fried rice that are super oily) but I wish there was more garlic to the fried rice. Portion not too bad for its price. 

Tontoro Shioyaki (Grilled Pork Belly) - RM6.90

This was my sister's favourite and mine too. The pork was marinated well and it was delicious to eat it just like that even without any sauce. That's just how tasty it was. It was also very crispy. Definitely a good snack to have a Shunka. 

Cheese Tamagoyaki (Japanese Cheese Omelet) - RM 9.90. 

This is Shunka's pride as it is the best-selling dish here. A favourite snack for many but I figured it's best to share it with your family or friends when you are here. The tamagoyaki is rich with cheese (tastes like Cheesedale cheese) at the bottom and topped with mayo. At my first bite, I really like it but I struggled to finish it. Because of the cheese, I got jelak by the time I got to the third piece. So dear friend, remember to share :D

Ika Bata Yaki (Squid Butter Grilled) - RM22.90

I love squids and this does not disappoint. The squid was well-marinated and grilled to perfection. It's rather addictive really, and you could taste its buttery goodness bite after bite. I preferred to eat it without dipping the mayo sauce. This is definitely one of my favourites from Shunka. 

Tonkutsu Shoyu Ramen - RM22.00 

This is not the best ramen I ever had but not too bad. I find it too salty for my own taste but I enjoyed the slices of pork. Also, although the soup is salty, you could actually taste the evident fragrance from the pork broth. Shunka also has Tonkutsu Ramen (that's without Shoyu aka soy sauce) which I suspect will be much less salty than the Tonkutsu Shoyu Ramen..and it's also cheaper - RM18.90.

Omuyaki Soba (Japanese Omelet Noodle) - RM14.90

This is my least favourite dish. Not because it sucks but it's because the taste doesn't gel with mine, so it's just my own preference. The soba tasted sweet and I didn't really like it. However, I find the price really good especially for its portion. Give it a try, maybe you'll like it? :)

Buta Kimuchi Set (Pork Kimchi Set) - RM18.90

Buta Kimuchi comes with rice and various side dishes (not in picture). This dish reminds me of teppanyaki. Again, it's not too spicy and the beansprout taste was really strong that I find that it kind of overpowered the taste of the kimchi. However, I was really happy with the generous amount of pork that was included in this dish. Thumbs up for that. 

Kimchi Nabe (Mini Kimchi Steamboat) - RM15.90

This is the winner for me. The soup is deliciously sweet with because there's plenty of veggies in the soup. The Kimchi soup is not too strong as well and it's not spicy. There's also some mushrooms and seafood like prawns and squids inside. For RM15.90, it's worth it for a good meal. We were told that many people who ordered this often asked for refills, so you know how good this was. :D

Shunka Matcha - RM8.50

This is also Shunka's best-selling item. You can choose either to have it hot or cold. The matcha is prepared with fine powder green tea with fresh milk. The matcha I had was thick in flavour and the texture was pretty smooth, not powdery. I'd really would like to get a cold one the next time I visit.

Overall, it was a good experience eating here. The people serving were attentive and I enjoyed their hospitality. As you can see, I tried a few dishes with Kimchi - that's fusion for you, Japanese and Korean fusion.

If you're looking for a place to eat sushi, this not the place for it because the sushi selections are very limited. I highly recommend Shunka if you:
1. are looking to try some really good matcha drink
2. are seeking for a new place to have some Japanese cuisine
3. are thinking to have a meal with pork
4. love tamagoyaki
5. want to have a good deal for lunch
6. love fusion cuisine

Operating hours: 11.30 am - 1130 pm
Shunka Japanese & Fusion Food Facebook (link)

*Shunka currently have outlets in Penang, Perak and Kedah with more coming soon.