Read The Star newspaper today. With a dead body resembling William Yau (not confirmed by DNA yet but most probably it's him) making the headline news to Nurin Jazlin, The Star newspaper was made up of many news about missing children. In fact, no political news at all today for the first 16 pages. Too often, we take things for granted. That's human nature. So everyday, I try to make it a habit end my day with a prayer of thanksgiving. I thank God for keeping my house safe. Everyone in the house safe and thank God for good health.

Yesterday was Mummy's birthday we celebrated the day before cause it was a holiday. 

:D Shucks, I semakin chubbeh and fats by the day. D: 

Thank God I can hide behind. HEH. Thank God for mummy. The best mum I could ever have. Even my friends agree. :) I love this family of mine though I feel like I could die sometimes due to the high level of BP. But well, that's what families are for. Test your patience and make you a better person.

Pumped up Weeks

Me kicks that I bought from Bangkok

Third week of the semester already. Like I said previously in my post about uni and MQA, I have to take 3 MQA subjects again (to save money) and to fulfill the 9 credit hours I lack from my program. This week would be the first week where I will attend Moral class and BM class for the whole semester until May :( Which means I have class even during my semester break. :( It's also the first time in college that I would be taking 6 subjects per semester. Maximum I've taken was 5, back in foundation. So for the past 2 semesters in degree, it has been quite 'relaxing'. So, I guess no more procrastination for this semester. 

Meanwhile, rumour has it that for Marcomm class, my friend and I the only ones who got A- for the subject. No one got A. Heh. Which means that my friend and I are the "top scorers" for the subject. Weee. Ermahgerd so happy k, dah lama never 'achievement unlock' already. Truth to be told, I wouldn't have gotten it if my carrying marks was reasonably high. And if it wasn't because of my group mates, I won't have high carrying marks. And then, it goes back to God! Cause I believe He's the one who provided good company for me and we had favour with our lecturer and did well for both the carnival and presentation. So, wee! All glory to God :)

On the other hand, I said no procrastination right? So I tried to finish up my tutorial assignment today since I have no class :D Achievement unlocked again.

My cacat shadow. I think I'm learning to love and hate photoshop at the same time. How ironic. 

Learning Photoshop!

I'm taking Intro to Design this semester...and it's quite fun. LOL. I'm learning how to use photoshop..and it's really quite fun during tutorial class. I was quite reluctant to take up this subject cause I was lazy to travel from Wisma to main block and I thought it wasn't a core subject. But little did I know the university made a mistake and it is actually a pre-requisite for a subject that I have to take in year 2 -________________-. Thank God my friend told me.

Anyway, I'm required to start a design blog journal at another url (here). So if you would like to stay with me about my journey in learning how to use photoshop, hop on to that website :D

On the other hand, here's what I did so far. LOL..

I'm excited. I wanna simply chop people's face. Heh.

The Impossible

Yesterday, Aki asked me if I was free and if I wanted to watch 'The Impossible'. I went. I knew Naomi Watts was nominated for her performance in this movie in the Oscars and know that 'The Impossible' is based on the story of a Spanish family surviving during the 2004 tsunami - a true story. I don't usually watch disaster movies and this is my second about tsunami, the first was Tidal Wave (Haeundae) the Korean film. This film is an English-language Spanish film so the characters names were changed a bit.

The acting by the lead casts (and even supporting roles) were soooo good! I mean, I don't feel anything was dramatised and I felt like I could picture it happening to victims back in 2004. There are so many memorable scenes in the movie and the scripting's pretty good too.

I LOVE Naomi Watts' performance as Maria Bennett,  both as mother and wife. She was really convincing. Pain was written all over her face. Tom Holland as Lucas also rose up to the occasion. I understand this is his debut for film. So, wow I'm really impressed. Even the little two boys (Simon's and Thomas') acting were impressive. Ewan McGregor was almost missing in the first half of the film but made enough impact during the second half of the movie. Ahh, the whole family had a great chemistry with one another which made the film really watchable.

Anyway, this is not a movie for the weak-hearted. There were a few times I wanted to cry and just jump off the chair because the agony was so intense! : (

The film is disturbing in a way because this is just a film yet it did really happened before. And not many did survived. For those who survived, I don't know how they lived. The post-traumatic stress must have been very damaging for their emotional well-being.

Since this is based on a true story, I google up Maria Belon. You can read about her story (here). I think to go through such an ordeal must have been tough. But through it all, I think she was very blessed to have survived and still have a family together. I cannot imagined how is it like to lose all your loved ones and being left all alone by yourself :'( And yet, there are many out there who had lost their family as the tsunami robbed 230,000 people's lives. I shall end here with a quote from Maria Belon herself:

I was always afraid of things. The tsunami was an incredible gift. I embrace life. My whole life is extra time.


If you're a Malaysian, you should know by now about this video - Forum Suara Mahasiswa (Seiringkah Mahasiswa Berpolitik) that took place in University Utara Malaysia - that had gone viral since Monday night. On Monday night, I saw about 5-6 of my friends sharing this video at about the same time. I knew it then that this video is gonna spread like crazy. True enough. When I woke up the next day, I saw more than 30 friends sharing the video on Facebook. Usually, I don't bother watching videos that people share because most of the time it's either stupid or meaningless (you know, like Gangnam Style?). I knew I had to see the video when people started sharing the video with captions. Indeed, the video is very 'entertaining'.

Oh wait, if you didn't know which video I was talking about. It's this video here. Do spend a little of your time listening to its content if you have not.

To be frank, I'm not at all surprised the treatment that Ms. Bawani had gotten from Ms. Sharifah. In fact, I'm sure it's pretty relatable. I've come across teachers during my secondary schooling time that say that I am biadap (rude) just because I asked a question and became emotional. But my question is being emotional equals to being rude? And is it wrong to be emotional? I have seen on news how our Menteris can shout at each other at Parliament so I guess they were very emotional people too. 

Anyway, you can read one of my encounters (here). To the school teachers, I am challenging them, the school and rules - I was only arguing about school rules - it's not a big matter but I wanted answers. But no, I was being ridiculed too and I give Ms. Bawani all my respect for not breaking down. The kind of sarcasm that was thrown at her.. it must have felt like 2300 vs 1 person in the hall. 

What I hate the most is when people irresponsibly ask people to leave Malaysia because we are not happy or satisfied with certain things in the country. Likewise, I was also asked to leave the school. I mean what's the matter with you? The very fact that I'm not satisfied is because I care what the heck is going on here. Anyway, so far, no one asked me directly to leave the country yet. If they do, I'm not sure how I would respond, probably sarcastically. This is MY country, the same as it is also yours, so that makes OUR country and and I would gladly stay here for as long as I like and I would want to stay here to see change take place. 

Bawani raised valid arguments and questions asking for answers regarding the education policy. While I don't think implementing free education is as simple as providing money because we might be capable of doing so financially (not a expert in subject matter but just my personal opinion) but Bawani managed to give facts and figures. Surely there are points that Ms. Sharifah could bring up in order to refute argument. But somehow, I think Ms. Sharifah took it personally at certain extent that she launched personal attacks on her :

You're a student, much more intelligent. Okay? The difference between you and me is a degree and an O level, that's all. 
Di sini hari ini, cik. Setiap manusia satu dalam sini semua ada pendidikan. And today I'm very sorry that simultaneously you have proven that you have  a very least of pendidikan. You know what pendidikan you need? Number one, respect the adults. 

First, personal attacks and insults are uncalled for since this is a forum, debates should be able giving points to refute statements from the opponent. Secondly, I wonder who is the moderator for the forum? I'm sure in debates or forums there is a moderator and that person should take control of the situation. In debates, it's not unusual that your opponent would cut you off because they want to refute your point, duh and both parties would continue talking their points (can be quite intense) but usually the moderator would interrupt and decide who would continue talking first. Should there be a moderator that took charge of the situation, perhaps the debate wouldn't turn so ugly. Repeating "listen" for 10 times and "let me speak" for 7 times only shows that Ms. Sharifah was using coercion to keep Ms. Bawani silent. 
That should not happen in the context of a forum or a debate. We see how at last Ms. Bawani just retreated, I assume she didn't even had a closing speech. Hah. 

No, this post was not written to attack Ms. Sharifah but I'm writing this because everyone's talking about it and I take this opportunity to remind us again why Malaysians can be so backwards in mentality some times. We fail to be objective in times that matter and sometimes bias can cloud our judgment on certain issues. So when people disagrees with our point, we take it personally because we feel that they are against us and quickly launched into defensive mode and attack the opponent by bringing them down - trashtalk and throw insults at the person - and not talking about the issue anymore.

Oh yes, I've seen a few people on my friend list on Facebook saying that we are not expert on the subject matter (about the topic of debate) so we shouldn't say anything. -________-; Yeah, true we are not subject matter experts which is why we do our research (based on facts and figures) and present them to those in power (presumably they are subject matter experts) to give us an answer. 

Anyway, can I also ask that what's up really with the pledge in the video.. I mean - Kenapa ikrar yang dilafazkan dalam video seperti ada maksud tersirat - menentang budaya songsang, perosak bangsa, menentang demonstrasi jalanan, penghancur keamanan etc etc etc .. super bombastic words. Hmm..

Video of the Week: Dream Impossible Child

I can't decide what's my favourite video that I watched this week.

Beautiful rendition of I Dream a Dream by Michael and Justin! 

My favourite violinist, Lindsey collaborated with ThePianoGuys! 

And who would have thought, Sam would cover a Swedish House Mafia song? Woohoo.

Happy Belated Birthday

Had a simple makan and yumcha with a few friends yesterday to celebrate Hoong Fong's birthday. Lazy to edit photos and upload as I'm using my lappy at the moment and everything's in my desktop computer :1 But I think Aki's gonna blog about it soon :D

Dreading to start on my assignment because the issue about MQA is not settled yet. Looks like I got no choice but to retake Malaysian Studies, Moral Studies AND MALAY. I'm so.. speechless. Sigh. Well, can't do credit transfer because the MPW I did in foundation was in a different level. And I have to take MPW cause it's cheaper and I have to fulfil the missing 9 credit hours (cause my program only have 111 credit hours). Let's just say this program is not good enough and MQA decided that we should take 3 more subjects to cover the 9 credit hours. -________-

The idea of studying BM again, in university is... a waste of time. It's cause I'll be learning whatever I've been learning for 11 years in school and BM is actually for students who didn't get Credit during SPM. I haven't been speaking BM for quite some time now, what more writing essays and using proper tatabahasa. But it's not like I suck at it, I have nothing to fear - afterall my results for BM was better than English for SPM. LOL. I know, I know. But it's something I take pride in. As a Malaysian, I believe that everyone should be able to speak and write the national language well enough. But it's just I don't wanna study BM again :( Want to learn something else.. 

Sigh. I kinda hate my life at this stage. But I'm praying that things would get better. I'm also learning not to make God like my ATM machine or prayer as my ATM card. 

Uni, MQA, and Craps

Words, cannot express how I am feeling right now.

Last semester's final exam results were released a few hours ago. Disappointed with my Public Relations marks but it was expected. Now, who would have thought that I scored an A for Introduction to Film? :D I remembered that I was writing all I could remember in the simplest form during exam. I didn't try to BS or write in long paragraphs. I just did my best. And when lecturer came over he saw my paper and he said, "That's all?" I said yes. He said it was too short. o____o You don't know how bad I felt that time. But I guess even with the little I wrote, I had the content. So that gives, don't give BS in exams.

Meanwhile, my friends and I received a very bad news today.

When I began my first semester in Bachelor of Communication (Hons) program in May 2012 with the university that I am currently studying in, there was this thing called "Employability Enhancement Subject (x2)" (EES) on the course fee schedule. I remembered that on the orientation day, students were told that those who did their MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency) subjects (like Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies) in pre-university can be exempted from doing the subjects again in degree.

Today, I'm in my third semester of year 1 in the same program, and today, I am told that I am required to complete 120 credit hours to graduate. This means that aside from the 36 subjects I have to take over the course of 3 years (that's 9 semesters - 2 long semesters and 1 short semester a year) to get 111 credit hours, I would have to take 3 additional EES or MPW (Matapelajaran Wajib) subjects which would give me 9 credit hours.

Now, let's go back to March 2011 - this is when I first started my pre-university studies in Foundation in Arts program with the same institute that I am currently in now. Students were told that we are advised to take Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies (Islamic Studies for Muslim students) so that we don't need to do it in degree later. So, I completed my Foundation in Arts program, passed all 11 subjects and took the 2 MPW subjects and happily went to degree.

I am utterly speechless with the news that we need to take 3 additional subjects (which at first we were told by our university that we didn't have to and we were informed that this is a new policy by constructed by the MQA) and we are not allowed to be exempted from taking 2 subjects leaving us to only take 1 more MPW or EES subject even though we had finished 2 MPW subjects in foundation. If so, I feel shortchanged by both MQA and the university because what was the point of us taking the MPW subjects since it's not a requirement for us to complete the Foundation in Arts program?

Bachelor of Communication (Hons) in this university is supposed to be a 3-year Honours program and I am sure that those who joined this program had come with an expectant heart that we would complete this program within 3 years - without extending any semesters. Therefore, my friends and I work hard not to fail any subjects and took 5 subjects in long semesters and 3 subjects in short semesters when needed. With the additional 3 subjects to gain the 9 credit hours, it would mean that this would exceed 3-year time frame as it is NOT possible to complete 39 subjects within 9 semesters even if we wanted to.

So now, while my friends and I are very dissatisfied with the implementation of this policy to make all local and international students to take up 3 extra subjects from MPW or EES to gain the extra 9 credit hours, we plead that respective authorities allow us - those who had completed Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies or Islamic Studies - to be exempted and allow us to make credit transfer so that we only need to do one more MPW or EES subject.

Edit: There is nothing I could do at the moment because even if I am allowed to be exempted to do MPW, I still need to do EES subjects. :( MQA should have taken into consideration and allowed us to do credit transfer but they wouldn't allow us to do so because it's in the different level. RM1000 (it's not a small amount!) wasted as it's worth nothing now. And we thought we could "save time" by doing MPW during pre-university. SIGH. I still think both the university and MQA have screwed us in this matter. 

Video of the Week: Fireworks in Reverse (NYE 2012 Melbourne)

Super cool stuff : ) 

If only we can reverse time. So many regrets and mistakes.. wish I have not said those hurtful things. D: I did not mean it, I didn't even feel that it was hurtful words or anything cause the things I said don't mean as an insult. I guess I have a bad image of being sarcastic..but sometimes I know overreact and then people take offense. I feel bad. Urgh.

Sales Promoters

Today my mum and I went to Pavilion and pay a visit to a retail chain in electronics and home stuffs like furniture etc and quite impulsively bought a new DVD player, cost about RM100++. Mum was looking around to buy my dad a new shaver but I wandered around and went to the DVD player section. Our previous DVD player has served us faithfully (and it was actually free - mum won from lucky draw many years ago) and it's time to say goodbye cause there's some problem with playing certain DVDs. So, we were looking at a few DVD players and no comparing which to buy - Philips and Panasonic. Then, someone working there came over and offered us assistance. So we were asking - what's the difference between these two players?

Him: Which one?
Mum: These two *pointing* 
Him: *reading the flyers attached to the two DVD players*

After awhile, there wasn't any response from the guy and my mum and I berbisik-bisik about the two models and finally just decided to get the Philips one. Clearly, that guy had little product knowledge but he was very helpful.

Did I mentioned I was wandering around the store? So before I went to the DVD players area, I was at camera section to kepoh cause you know...my hands always itch for new equipment. I'm learning to have a little more self-control now. There were three tripods on display, wasn't cheap. :( But I decided to be more kepoh by asking the sales assistant at the counter about one of the tripods.

Me: Hi, how much is the max load capacity for this tripod? 
Sales Promoter 1: Max load capacity? Wait ah..
*Sales Promoter 1 walks away checks with his colleague - Sales Promoters 2. She comes over*
Sales Promoter 2: Max load capacity? You mean if push down..the maximum weight it can hold?
Me: Yes. *trying to give a poker face*
Sales Promoter 2: I think should be 10kg.. 5-10kg.

I was actually quite interested about the tripod but the price is quite expensive, really so I wanted to see if anyone at LYN is selling at a cheaper price. So then, I took the time to write down what model it was and when I came home, I searched about it. And then I saw this - NGTT2 max load capacity is actually just 1KG. Okay....

So, in the same day, I come across with sales assistants or promoters with little knowledge about products. For the guy that assisted us with the DVD player, I'm guessing he wasn't selling DVD players but just assisting customers - that was his job. But for the two person behind the camera counter, they have little knowledge about the product they are selling and also gave the wrong information to customer.

I'm not holding it against them. I know some of you think I'm overly critical of people and mistakes but no, really I'm not being overly critical, I'm concerned. I really look up to people who do a good at work, regardless a cleaner or a CEO. I think that if you are on a job - and that being a sales promoter is their job, they should have enough knowledge on the products they are selling. It is their job, it's in their job scope - to sell something. To sell something you need to convince people. And to convince people, you need to know about the product you are selling! But can we blame them? I always look back into the company that they are working for.

You look at Starbucks and you know, most of their employees would have enough knowledge about coffee before they serve as barista. Starbucks provides and ensures barista have undergone at least a 2-weeks training before they are qualified. That's just for example.

I'm guessing that a lot of companies, they employ sales promoters that are untrained and not given enough briefing/instructions. And these companies expect them to have top performances yet don't bother to give them the push that they need. Imo, sales promoters should also be rated (as you would also rate a manager) whether they are performing on the job or not. If I am their employer, they are 'incompetent' as they lack the knowledge to promote a product to customer. Seriously, all these companies should give proper training to their employees (especially those in the service line) or employ people with experience.

Things To Do in Bangkok: Shopping

If there was only ONE thing you could do in Bangkok, that would be shopping. The main purpose we went to Bangkok wasn't to eat or for sightseeing, it was to shop. And we managed to fulfill it to 'a certain extent' because we felt like we could buy for if we were given the time. :P

'Photo Me Please'. Smart owner! I always love stores that allow people to take photographs. : ) And also by doing so, the chances of their brand/store to be known would be higher cause people can post it on their Instagram, Facebook etc. 

MBK Centre also known as Mahboonkrong is like Malaysia's Plaza Low Yat Shopping Centre. About 5-10 minutes walk from Holiday Inn Express, we made our way to MBK a few times because it was so near. There are a lot of shops around, including a department store and there's a food court too. At level 4, you can find electronics stuff but we didn't stay long at MBK so we didn't manage to see everything the 8-storey high shopping centre. 

Most of the clothing you would find here is t-shirts. There's practically T-shirts everywhere. 99 baht, that's RM10 approximately. Somehow, graphic tees are not the trend anymore, at least not in Thailand.  There's also a huge section of stalls selling souvenirs and stuffs. Not our ultimate destination, because we wanted more clothes.

Platinum Fashion Mall was our one-stop destination, our shopping haven. With 3 different zones (Zone 1 and Zone 2 is in the same building whereas Zone 3 is in another building, 2 minutes walk from Zone 2) for us to cover, we spent 2 whole days in Platinum Fashion Mall - and it wasn't enough! Women would love this place to bits. Men - don't worry you can also find trendy clothes here for yourself. 

Tips: When shopping in Platinum Mall, always ask for wholesale price. 

How does it work? For example, a shoe/accessory/clothing may cost 300 baht, ask for wholesale price. The shopkeeper may offer you 250 baht each if you buy 2 (or more) shoes/accessories/clothing. This is why when you go in groups, you will benefit with wholesale pricing. Then you can pakat with your friends to buy from the same shop and get a cheaper price. 

Clothes here can be as cheap as 100 baht and can go up to 800 baht, depending on quality and material. The trend seems to be knitted wear and long sleeves. A lot of store selling clothing in that line. 

In Zone 1 and Zone 2 (linked together in the same building), you can find clothes and accessories everywhere. And when you're hungry, grab some food at the food court in Zone 2, Level 6. Note: You can only go up to Level 6 through Zone 2. Alternatively, you can eat some snacks whenever you want if you can find the snack stalls (like waffles or bread) near the escalators. 

A souvenir shop near the food court.

At Zone 3 - slightly smaller than Zone 1 and Zone 2 - you'll find shops full of shoes and bags.

All the floors in Zone 3 are dedicated to mainly shoes and bags. You can find a few clothing stores here. 

Shopping doesn't stop. Just nearby the pedestrian bridge to cross over to MBK Centre, you can also find random stalls at the walkways. It's not even a pasar malam. It's as if these people found a random spot by the roadside and opened their stalls here. Impressive.

Tips: Bring an extra and empty hand carry luggage bag to Bangkok when you travel, so that you don't need to spend money to buy another : )

Believe me when I say - it's dead tiring to walk around for hours non-stop even it's for shopping. :1 My legs were about to break at the end of the day. Oh wells, once a year, worth it : )

Eve of 2013

Happy New Year! It's the second day of 2013. Feeling nothing spectacular about it cause I don't have any resolutions.. Feel like making one or two to see if I can accomplish them. D:

Celebrated New Year's Eve with Hazel HF members, almost full attendance this time : )

Boys being boys. LOL

"Caviar of popcorns" 

Indeed. Garrett's popcorns. Too sweet for me : ) 

A. Cheryl and my mum busy in the kitchen.

My drink for the night. Sparkling juice! :P

Peeps playing Risk Legacy while waiting for 12am to come.

Beautiful strawberry cheesecake made by A. Sally.

About 11pm, started watching 3 Idiots. It was random, and knowing the movie was 3 hours, we still proceeded with watching the movie. 15 minutes before 12, we quickly went up to countdown. Wanted to view the "most amazing fireworks in Malaysia" but the the skyscrapers blocked the fireworks burnt at KLCC. :/ 

But we managed to watch Genting's fireworks from our spot (seriously, no joke!) and it was better than KLCC's. Cheh. Much longer, and hugeeee. And we saw KL being lit up by a dozen of fireworks at different spots simultaneously. What a sight.

At 70mm, this is what I get (cropped photo).

Better composition? Or the building in the middle is rather distracting actually :/

Continued our late night movie after taking group photos and drinking champagne, celebratory mood. : )