Me kicks that I bought from Bangkok

Third week of the semester already. Like I said previously in my post about uni and MQA, I have to take 3 MQA subjects again (to save money) and to fulfil the 9 credit hours I lack from my program. This week would be the first week where I will attend Moral class and BM class for the whole semester until May :( Which means I have class even during my semester break. :( It's also the first time in college that I would be taking 6 subjects per semester. The maximum I've taken was 5, back in foundation. So for the past 2 semesters in degree, it has been quite 'relaxing'. So, I guess no more procrastination for this semester. 

Meanwhile, rumour has it that for Marcomm class, my friend and I the only ones who got A- for the subject. No one got an A. Heh. This means that my friend and I are the "top scorers" for the subject. Weee. Ermahgerd so happy k, dah lama never 'achievement unlock' already. Truth be told, I wouldn't have gotten it if my carrying marks were reasonably high. And if it wasn't for my group mates, I wouldn't have high carrying marks. And then, it goes back to God! Cause I believe He's the one who provided good company for me and we had favour with our lecturer and did well for both the carnival and presentation. So, wee! All glory to God :)

On the other hand, I said no procrastination, right? So I tried to finish up my tutorial assignment today since I have no class :D Achievement unlocked again.

My cacat shadow. I think I'm learning to love and hate Photoshop at the same time. How ironic.