If there was only ONE thing you could do in Bangkok, that would be shopping. The main purpose we went to Bangkok wasn't to eat or for sightseeing, it was to shop. And we managed to fulfill it to 'a certain extent' because we felt like we could buy for if we were given the time. :P

'Photo Me Please'. Smart owner! I always love stores that allow people to take photographs. : ) And also by doing so, the chances of their brand/store to be known would be higher cause people can post it on their Instagram, Facebook etc. 

MBK Centre also known as Mahboonkrong is like Malaysia's Plaza Low Yat Shopping Centre. About 5-10 minutes walk from Holiday Inn Express, we made our way to MBK a few times because it was so near. There are a lot of shops around, including a department store and there's a food court too. At level 4, you can find electronics stuff but we didn't stay long at MBK so we didn't manage to see everything the 8-storey high shopping centre. 

Most of the clothing you would find here is t-shirts. There's practically T-shirts everywhere. 99 baht, that's RM10 approximately. Somehow, graphic tees are not the trend anymore, at least not in Thailand.  There's also a huge section of stalls selling souvenirs and stuffs. Not our ultimate destination, because we wanted more clothes.

Platinum Fashion Mall was our one-stop destination, our shopping haven. With 3 different zones (Zone 1 and Zone 2 is in the same building whereas Zone 3 is in another building, 2 minutes walk from Zone 2) for us to cover, we spent 2 whole days in Platinum Fashion Mall - and it wasn't enough! Women would love this place to bits. Men - don't worry you can also find trendy clothes here for yourself. 

Tips: When shopping in Platinum Mall, always ask for wholesale price. 

How does it work? For example, a shoe/accessory/clothing may cost 300 baht, ask for wholesale price. The shopkeeper may offer you 250 baht each if you buy 2 (or more) shoes/accessories/clothing. This is why when you go in groups, you will benefit with wholesale pricing. Then you can pakat with your friends to buy from the same shop and get a cheaper price. 

Clothes here can be as cheap as 100 baht and can go up to 800 baht, depending on quality and material. The trend seems to be knitted wear and long sleeves. A lot of store selling clothing in that line. 

In Zone 1 and Zone 2 (linked together in the same building), you can find clothes and accessories everywhere. And when you're hungry, grab some food at the food court in Zone 2, Level 6. Note: You can only go up to Level 6 through Zone 2. Alternatively, you can eat some snacks whenever you want if you can find the snack stalls (like waffles or bread) near the escalators. 

A souvenir shop near the food court.

At Zone 3 - slightly smaller than Zone 1 and Zone 2 - you'll find shops full of shoes and bags.

All the floors in Zone 3 are dedicated to mainly shoes and bags. You can find a few clothing stores here. 

Shopping doesn't stop. Just nearby the pedestrian bridge to cross over to MBK Centre, you can also find random stalls at the walkways. It's not even a pasar malam. It's as if these people found a random spot by the roadside and opened their stalls here. Impressive.

Tips: Bring an extra and empty hand carry luggage bag to Bangkok when you travel, so that you don't need to spend money to buy another : )

Believe me when I say - it's dead tiring to walk around for hours non-stop even it's for shopping. :1 My legs were about to break at the end of the day. Oh wells, once a year, worth it : )