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Video of the Week: Beckham plays Beethoven's Ode To Joy

Well, don't we all just love David Beckham? :D

So Stuck - Madonna's Hung Up Tune

Time goes by too quickly Time goes by too quickly Time goes by too quickly Time goes by too quickly Time goes by too quickly Time goes by too quickly
Every little thing that I say or write I'm so stuck I'm so stuck so long Waiting for ideas Every night and day I'm fed up I'm tired of waiting so long
Time goes by too quickly for I want slow No time to hesitate  Those who run seem to have all the fun I'm caught up I don't know what to do
Time goes by too quickly Time goes by too quickly Time goes by too quickly I don't know what to do
Every little thing that I say or write I'm so stuck I'm so stuck so long Waiting for ideas Every night and day I'm fed up I'm tired of waiting so long

Mmpfft. Release stress. I have 2 more days to complete my assignment that is due on Monday.
Cha yuk cha yuk.

Video of the Week: Criminal Minds Season 7 Finale - "Hit" "Run"

If you know me well, I'm a big big biggggggggg fan of Criminal Minds.. and it's the only series that I follow up till now. So I'm not gonna share the link to the video in case the channel gets banned :O But if you want, you can ask me for the link I'll personal message you. Teehee.

The video features the last 1 and half hours of my life without Criminal Minds until September (at least) and this would also be one of the last few times I'll be seeing Paget Brewster on the show. Yes, "Emily Prentiss" is leaving the show. Nuuuu.

What I love about Criminal Minds is not just about how "cool" investigation takes place, but that each character has their own story to share.. and some cases really features some interesting unsubs.

Sob. Hopes season 8 comes quickly. Go watch, search it! It's kinda easy to find. Otherwise just email me :D Prepare some tissues if you are a Criminal Minds fan because the ending is rather... SAD T_T~

The First Week

Hey you. You, the one reading this. I can't believe you're still visiting my blog *cries*. You know, sometimes the only motivation for me to update this blog is really because I want my visitors to continue visiting this blog. No, jokes. Visitor counts and earning aside, blogging has been a great outlet to write whatever I want. It's a great avenue to write anything I want (but of course nowadays, I don't write anything I want like how I used to a few years ago -_-).

I bet you've noticed the lack of update on this blog already. How pathetic. I attended orientation last week and I have already begun classes since Monday. Oh my gosh. Time flies isn't it? The first week of degree is going to an end. I'm taking 3 subjects this short semester. It's my first short semester. People say it's challenging taking 3 subjects in a short semester. I see why. Everything is so rushed. I already have 2 assignments that's gonna be due in the next 2 weeks. Whut? …

Video of the Week: (Burger) Protest infront of Ambiga's House

So you must be wondering why is this video of the week because I started video of the week because I feel that worth is worth sharing should be shared (errr...).  This video reflects how Malaysians are and which direction Malaysia is going to. Pathetic and childish were the two words that came to mind as I watched this video. Malaysia. Once one of the leading countries in Asia, where are we heading to? I fear if this is going to continue. Sad to say, many of us are still stuck in our ignorance, indifference, ethnocentrism.. where we cannot put away our difference for mutual benefit. Very sad. Very very sad. 
On another note, wishing every Mama out there, Happy Mother's Day! :)


So.... degree starts tomorrow. I have not receive any letter from HELP. So apparently some people already had gotten their letter about the completion of foundation. But.. no letters for me! :( Anyway, degree starts tomorrow. Degree starts TOMORROW! And I'm so unprepared. I don't know what to expect. I hate going through the process of new environment AGAIN. Alamak. I think next time I'm going to be those fellas that work 20 years in a company. Ngek. Okay, so I have adapted to this "college lifestyle".. I know when I first got into college I was whining about how long the hours that I had to spend in college. But now I've gotten used to it. How to say? And I think I'm going to abandon this blog again very soon.. so there goes my unique counts. Oh oh..

Oh ya, you know I was complaining about not getting ICS for my S2 the other day? Then I found out a few days later Samsung already updated Kies to allow Singapore units upgrade to ICS. YES!!! Yeah, my S2 is …

Video of the Week: How Oil Prices Affect the Economy: Calling for a Third Industrial Revolution

Epipheo Studios actually makes a lot of good educational videos (and adverts too) and I found this interesting. While the information in the video might not be entirely correct, I think the video still gives us a very basic understanding how economy works.. Hurhur. Go check out their other vids :)

Samsung Galaxy S3/SIII First Impressions, Specs and Features

Let me begin my clarifying I'm non-geek nor expert in phones. So this post is based on your average user thoughts. And nope, no hands on review or anything.

Samsung Mobile #UNPACKED happened this morning, at 2 A.M. (Malaysian time). So the full specifications and features were revealed via live stream. However, a big mistake occured because the review of Samsung Galaxy S3 was already out even before #UNPACKED happened.

My first impression? The design sucks. Yeah. I know a lot of people are saying that this Galaxy S3 looks like Nexus and I agree. I would think that Galaxy S2 (which I am using) looks better than Galaxy S3. So it's rather disappointing. With so many smartphones available in the market now, Samsung ought to do better. Just look at Sony's Xperia S/U/P or even Nokia Lumia 800; I think those designs look great. Well, you do know how many people would also go for design besides specs. Exterior is one of  the greatest selling point.

Obviously, Samsung Galaxy S3 wou…

Is Over

YEP. The wait. Is Over :D

Results was released yesterday at 10.00a.m.. But server was already failing at 9.55a.m. Everyone was anxious I guess. Camping at the site. LOL. Also, this is not the first time of course.

But, at 10.15a.m I still can't login and view my results..

Yea, I was about to break my keyboard. LOL. 5 minutes later, managed to quickly sneak into my account and check my results and..BAM! It was infront of my eyes. Hurhur. Honestly, it didn't register in my mind what I got. I was like "Oh...Okay..". I was all prepared to go to college to register for degree but I gotta view my results first. Hmm.
And, Moral results wasn't out by then. But my friend told me later yesterday that it was out. Heart pumping like mad when I check. :'( I hate Moral. Moral was the subject I feared the most actually -_-ll But you know what, I passed, with Credit! BUAHAHA. Okay la, I knew I did very badly in finals but who cares.
My results were not bad :) Before last seme…

That Wait

I'm currently feeling very anxious. Not just about results, but the whole idea of entering into degree. This is the stage where "your fate is sealed". Konon. Also, blur case me.. I'm starting to think that orientation might just be TOMORROW. And I have no idea at all when is orientation. But in the first place, I haven't even register for degree. Whut? Yeah, why can't help just make everything easier by telling us everything right at our face..and also release results much earlier (as they promised -__-). Aih.