YEP. The wait. Is Over :D

Results were released yesterday at 10.00 a.m.. But the server was already failing at 9.55a.m. Everyone was anxious I guess. Camping at the site. LOL. Also, this is not the first time of course.

But, at 10.15a.m I still can't log in and view my results...

Yea, I was about to break my keyboard. LOL. 5 minutes later, managed to quickly sneak into my account and check my results and... BAM! It was in front of my eyes. Honestly, it didn't register in my mind what I got. I was like "Oh...Okay..". I was all prepared to go to college to register for a degree but I gotta view my results first. Hmm.

And, Moral results weren't out by then. But my friend told me later yesterday that it was out. My heart pumping like mad when I check. :'( I hate Moral. Moral was the subject I feared the most actually -_-ll But you know what, I passed, with Credit! BUAHAHA. Okay la, I knew I did very badly in finals but who cares.

My results were not bad :) Before last semester began, I calculated I had to get at least 3 credits in order to get a scholarship. At the beginning of the semester, I was puking blood because I was just passing my quiz and exams for Business -_-; When midterms came, it was even more heartbreaking because all my midterm papers did not get any higher than 14 out of 20 percent. -_-; 

So when assignments came, I was determined to do well. Same for presentations and projects. Overall, things turned out well, and I must really thank God for giving me patience.. because I was about to explode at some point in time..being in some situations where me, being me, I'm very quick to..react.. :1. And there was even a point of time where, lecturer thought my group cheated in (well he didn't really say we cheated, he implied.. because he was saying the Turnitin report that we submitted with the assignment didn't tally with the one in the system. But it wasn't our problem, because if he checked properly from the Turnitin report my group submitted, the report written clearly who submitted it (which was me)..and he didn't cross-check the Turnitin system using my name with the one I submitted with the report but with instead with my groupmate's name. WHUT? Of course, it doesn't tally then -_-!) Then when I was explaining to the lecturer at that time, I was getting a little emosi dy -_-!

ANYWAY. Thank God. Really, thank God. My CGPA for foundation will help me get a scholarship for first year in degree (and the amount is about 3x more than what I got for foundation! :D). YEAH!!! Lol. Of course, people who did better for SPM would have gotten a lot more. In hindsight, it was a shame I didn't do well in SPM.

All is good. :)