Let me begin by clarifying I'm non-geek nor an expert in phones. So this post is based on your average user thoughts. And nope, no hands-on review or anything.

Samsung Mobile #UNPACKED happened this morning, at 2 A.M. (Malaysian time). So the full specifications and features were revealed via live stream. However, a big mistake occurred because the review of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was already out even before #UNPACKED happened.

My first impression? The design sucks. Yeah. I know a lot of people are saying that this Galaxy S3 looks like Nexus and I agree. I would think that Galaxy S2 (which I am using) looks better than Galaxy S3. So it's rather disappointing. With so many smartphones available in the market now, Samsung ought to do better. Just look at Sony's Xperia S/U/P or even Nokia Lumia 800; I think those designs look great. Well, you do know how many people would also go for design besides specs. Exterior is one of the greatest selling points.

Obviously, Samsung Galaxy S3 would be operating on Android 4.0.4 ICS. For those who are not familiar with smartphones and you're not sure what's Android and ICS, here's what I've got to say. ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich - it's the codename for the version) and it's just the best version of Android (the name of the operating system..like your Windows) available at the moment.

Display for S3 would be 4.8" HD Super AMOLED with a resolution of 1280x720 pixels. I also found it disappointing that the main camera is only 8MP because I was expecting at least 12MP (because Xperia S has a 12.1mp camera yo! :P). But anyway.. I figure it's kinda pointless having high MP camera on phones because haven't anyone realized that they CANNOT zoom when taking pictures? Otherwise, the photos would be pixelated and blurred. Sigh. That is one thing these manufacturers can improve on.

S3 also features "Zero Lag Shutter" and burst mode capabilities, similar to HTC One X. It can shoot up to 20 frames in a single shot at about 3.33 FPS but I think still loses out to HTC One X as HTC One X is capable of shooting a maximum of 99 continuous shots at 4 FPS (die lah your memory :P). For those who are not familiar with photography terms, FPS = Frames Per Second. 3.33 FPS is not too bad for a camera on a phone because my Nikon D5100 DSLR can shoot up to 4 FPS. Oops.

One thing I love about my S2 is that internal storage is large enough for my usage and even if it's not, there's always a microSD slot. Similarly, S3 offers wide internal storage, you can choose either 16/32/64gb of internal storage. Not enough? There's a microSD slot for you :D

As for the sim, you'll need to get a microsim in order to use the phone. Video capabilities are about the same as many other smartphones out there - 1080p videos. Height and width for S3 are 136.6mm and 70.6mm respectively. Basically, S3 is slightly bigger than Nexus, a little bigger than S2, and way smaller than Note. How about that? :P

Then there's this feature in S3 called Smart Stay. It's this eye-tracking technology in the device that will go to sleep mode once your eyes avert from the display. So next time you're texting on your bed, late at midnight, and you suddenly fall asleep, your phone will follow you and go to sleep too :P

Another feature would be Smart Alert, S3 will vibrate to let you know you have missed calls or messages. Not sure if this feature is really that effective. :1

Samsung Galaxy S3 also features Social Tag where the device will automatically pre-tag pictures that you have taken. I think this feature is quite similar to what is found in HTC Radar's Photo Hub.

There's also the Direct Call feature where if you are texting and you want to call instead, all you need to do is just lift your phone to your ear and it will dial your friend automatically. I'm not sure if this feature is a good idea... Because just imagine if you're always doing this gesture then you would be calling every single person that you are texting... hmm...

There is also S Voice that recognizes voice commands.. like Siri I supposed. But I think at the moment, nothing can beat Siri.

Hmm. I think that's about it. Be sure to check out Samsung's website for full features and specs.

Malaysians can expect the Galaxy S3 as soon as the end of May or in June. While I am here, still waiting for my ICS update for my S2 which was supposed to be launched in Malaysia/Singapore by April. Still waiting..still waiting...

As a S2 user, I'm pretty much satisfied with my phone for now and there are no plans to change my phone. If everyone is expecting the Galaxy S3 to be the next "revolutionary" phone, I'm sorry to say this is not it. With so much choices for smartphones nowadays, I wonder what would be the ultimate selling point? 

P/S: All images from this post is taken from Samsung Mobile (link) and Samsung Website (link)