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Sometimes, the only consolation you get from giving is that you gave.
So consoling, no?
Okay, just rambling.
I will be back with some interesting updates (hopefully) and food blogging soon.

Buka Coca-Cola, Buka Semangat

Something awesome is happening, right here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! If you haven't know it yet, you should really just it out here! Yes, Coca-Cola is illuminated on PWTC and it can be seen up to 10km away. AWESOME GILERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

*one of my personal favourite coke bottles*
I'm crazy overrrr Coca-Cola cans alright, and have always been. Coz Buka Coca-Cola, Buka Semangat right? I can really embrace this tagline :D Been collecting their cans and bottles whenever I can! You can check most of them under my Coke Cans label at my sidebar *winks

As for now, is kind enough to give out Coca-Cola heritage bottle set! *cue to screammmmmmmmmm ! I really really really want one so I can add it into my collection *grins.

You also want? :D Join me! Head on here to find out how! (link) At the same time while waiting, Buka Coca-Cola, Buka Semangat, get inspired everyday with Coca-Cola. :) Ohsummmmmmmmmmmm !


If there was one thing you can undo in your life what is it? Just a random thought. Over the past few weeks, I have been pretty busy with college and will be busy for the next few weeks. And in all this business, it's easy that we just lived by the day, worry about tomorrow but our living is just mere existence. Could it be, than we were meant for more? Obviously yes. But I don't see that coming so far..

But I was taken aback when I got to know how God had put people into such difficult situations to really change them inside out, remove all kinds of stubbornness and eventually, they became happier. I guess sometimes we all just need a tight slap on the face before we realize what's more important to use, and we need God to interfere in that sense. Really, I am so amazed by the works of His hands. And even as I look back, perhaps what happened last year did not make any sense but it made  perfect sense now. That God sees we don't find happiness in the things that are h…


I am. So frustrated. About this issue. I don't know why. Just feel very angry about people's remarks. Let me just state my stand. I am FOR PPSMI. Several arguments from people who are against PPSMI for example, saying that it is unfeasible and there are fundamental issues that should be addressed first. Wow. Big words. I applaud thee.

But then, asyik asyik je kata unfeasible. I ask what is unfeasible about that issue, no answer. Nothing is undo-able. If you argue that output is less than input, just remember why PPSMI is not working. The idea behind PPSMI is workable with effort. But as our lovely DPM said, there are lack of teachers that are capable. But instead of addressing this issue and properly equipping teachers, best way is to abolish PPSMI? And don't get me to start talking about GSTT (guru sandaran tak terlatih). You have all sorts of random people coming in as teachers without training (TAK TERLATIH) and you expect up to par results from students? I have a teach…