Something awesome is happening, right here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! If you haven't know it yet, you should really just it out here! Yes, Coca-Cola is illuminated on PWTC and it can be seen up to 10km away. AWESOME GILERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

*one of my personal favourite coke bottles*

I'm crazy overrrr Coca-Cola cans alright, and have always been. Coz Buka Coca-Cola, Buka Semangat right? I can really embrace this tagline :D Been collecting their cans and bottles whenever I can! You can check most of them under my Coke Cans label at my sidebar *winks

As for now, is kind enough to give out Coca-Cola heritage bottle set! *cue to screammmmmmmmmm ! I really really really want one so I can add it into my collection *grins.

You also want? :D Join me! Head on here to find out how! (link) At the same time while waiting, Buka Coca-Cola, Buka Semangat, get inspired everyday with Coca-Cola. :) Ohsummmmmmmmmmmm !